Best Methods for Cleaning Your Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are one of the most comfy and luxurious rug styles there is. Their long piles give them a very distinctive look and maximum underfoot comfort. However, their long fibers can also make them relatively harder to clean given that stubborn dust and particles can stay lodged inside the rug’s piles. So, you may need to employ more than one cleaning method to clean a shag rug and keep it looking clean and as good as new.

The oldest method in the book

Do you know how rugs are cleaned from time immemorial before there were dry cleaners? By shaking them. That’s right if you’re wondering how to clean a shag rug routinely without causing it damage, take it out and give it a good shake by holding the two corners of the rug. If your rug is too big for that, you can hang it on a fence or a strong clothesline and gently beat it with a broomstick or a simple wooden stick. Make sure that the stick doesn’t pull on the fibers of the rug. This method will also let your rug air out. And while cleaning shag rugs by placing them under the sun for a prolonged period is a strict no-no, a few minutes of soaking up Vitamin D can be of benefit.

Shag rug cleaning

Vacuum it out

When it comes to cleaning shag rugs, vacuuming is one of the most popular and easiest methods people opt for. But it is important to remember that the extra-long pile of shag rugs demands more attention when you vacuum shag rugs to avoid potential damage. Adjust the height of your vacuum and turn off the beater bars in order to avoid the long fibers getting caught and pulling out. You can also use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum and clean it by hand. Flipping the rug over and vacuuming the other side of the rug with the beater bar on will help loosen any dirt. Make sure you vacuum shag rugs in a high-traffic area often to avoid dirt buildup over time, which might force you to employ harder methods of cleaning shag rugs.

What about spills and stains?

In case you accidentally spill or stain your shag rug, spot cleaning the shag rug is the easiest way to go about it. But, to ensure that the spill doesn’t settle in, make sure you act quick. In such a case, make sure you havecarpet cleaningtools handy. That doesn’t need to be too fancy, just a carpet cleaning solution, a clean rag soaked up with as much liquid as possible. Now, how to clean the shag rug off the spill? Simply spray the spot with the solution and let it sit on the spot before you blot it dry with a new rag. Just remember to make your way in from outside edges towards the spill/center. If you find it difficult, know that it definitely is harder than cleaning a short carpet, so make sure to reach deep into the rows of fibers to make the spill completely go away. To avoid such time-taking cleaning methods, we recommend steering clear of liquids near the shag rug.

Shag rugs cleaning

You can also shampoo your rug

Yes, you read that right. But it is also important to read the care instructions on your shag rug to make sure if it can handle any moisture. If yes, hire a carpet cleaner who can carefully shampoo your rug to keep it looking vibrant, soft, and new. Cleaning shag rugs with shampoo involves distributing the shampoo and hot water evenly on your rug and vacuuming the liquid simultaneously. This process is super effective in cleaning stains and spills. The rug is then left to dry in the air to avoid mildew, but not under direct sunlight. Now, how to clean a shag rug that can’t take moisture? Dry, powdered shampoos can be your savior as they can capture dirt particles more effectively, resulting in even more thorough cleaning.

Professional cleaning is your safest bet

When in doubt, hand it over to a professional to clean a shag rug. This is by far the easiest and safest way to cleaning shag rugs as a professional will understand the fiber and the pile, and its requirements better. Some cleaning solutions you end up using at home can prove to be too harsh or harmful for the shag rug. Moreover, specific rug care recommendations may often demand professional care. So, we suggest you avert the risk and trust the expert to do their job. However, even if you know how to clean a shag rug effectively and safely at home, occasional professional care will do the rug well.

While cleaning shag rugs are definitely a little more demanding than cleaning small wool or cotton rug, their extremely luxurious feel and look makes them a favourite amongst many. This guide should help you navigate the cleanliness of the shag rug and help you keep it looking new. You can opt to vacuum your shag rug or shake it regularly to keep it free of stubborn dust particles. You can even employ all of the above-mentioned methods at suitable intervals and as per the need.  At Jaipur Rugs, we have a range of different shag rugs in a plethora of colors and patterns to fit any and every space."