Do You Need a New Area Rug for Your Home – Five Questions to Ask

  • one month ago


Now that we’re all spending much more time in our homes, many people are considering attuning the aesthetic of their abode with their personality, daily needs, and comfort. For example, you will be using your home office much more now as your work from home and might want to furnish it to make it look and feel nicer. An instant solution? Area rug. They brighten up any space, add more character, and are soft to the touch. You can choose from amongst a selection of the largest designs and prices from Jaipur Rugs and pick the rug of your choice to give your home the makeover you want to. However, before you go ahead and make that investment, stop and ask yourself the following questions to make sure that you are making an informed decision. Answering these will save you money, the time of scrolling through thousands of rugs, and help you end up with just the right rug for your space.

1. Budget

First and foremost, it is important to start with the basics- budget- since buying the right rug is no less of an investment. You should take into account the material, the complexity of design, knot count, and dying technique when investing in a rug. Once you have decided to spend x amount of money on a modern living room rug or an Oriental bedroom rug (or both), you can put a filter on your search options while browsing through rugs at the Jaipur Rugs website. We have a selection of the widest designs and quality of rugs for every price point, so no matter what your budget, we will have something for you in-store. Starting from high-end wool and silk oriental rugs to jute modern rugs or solid rugs, you can find all the styles, sizes, and materials at Jaipur Rugs before you can go ahead and pick the right one. You should take into account the material, the complexity of design, knot count, and dying technique when investing in a rug. 


2. Purpose of the rug

Area rugs serve more purpose than just aesthetic purposes. They help you muffle noise, keep the room warm, and keep you comfortable by providing a soft footbed all the time. So, it is you who needs to decide what your priorities and purposes are when it comes to making this purchase. Another important question to ask is where you want to place the rug: will it be a modern rug for the living room or a shaggy rug for the bedroom or a dhurrie for the study? Once you have its purpose chalked out in your mind, it becomes much easier to make the seemingly tough decision of buying a rug.

3. Size

The size of an area rug is one of the most important things to take into consideration when buying a rug. Even if the design is unique and eye-catching, if the size goes wrong, then your beautiful rug can run the risk of looking like an eyesore in your lovely abode. Hence, rug size selection is one of the key considerations while buying a rug. it is always advised to measure the room and the desired size of the rug accurately before you go ahead and buy a rug. You can refer to Jaipur Rugs’ ultimate rug measuring guide to know everything you need to before you decide on the dimensions of the rug. Typically, your area rug should be big enough to put the front legs of your furniture on the rug or one that is big enough to completely put your furniture on it. A rug that is too small can make the room look uninviting and add, while a rug too big can overwhelm the room and the existing decor and make it look small. 


4. The color and design 

All things aside, the design and the color of the rug you select will be key in achieving the look you want to go for. Be it a blue area rug for the grey-painted walls of the bedroom, a pink area rug to stand out amidst a beige-pink color theme, or a natural jute rug to complement the maximal elements in your home decor, the possibilities are endless. The same goes for the design of the rug which determines the mood of the room. In case you want your living room to look more formal than casual, go for a minimalistic or abstract design in a sophisticated color palette to achieve the vibe. However, if you are someone who entertains a lot and wants your living room to look fun and inviting, go for maximal, tribal, or kilim designs to attract every eye in the room right away. You can also try overdyed rugs for a very transitional and trans-seasonal look. 


5. Care and Durability

Last but definitely not least, ask yourself how important is the durability of the rug you wish to buy for you? Do you want it to last you a lifetime or are you looking for something more transitional for in-between shifting houses or decor? This will determine the material of the rug you want to buy and also the area you want to place it in depending on its foot traffic. With the care of the rug, you should know that some rugs can be easily washed at home with some expert hacks and tips, but some rugs need professional care every time they need cleaning and maintenance. It is useful to have this information before you invest in a rug. 

Now that you know everything you need to consider before buying a rug, you can browse through Jaipur Rugs’ vast collection of rugs, apply the filters as per the considerations mentioned before, and take a call accordingly. You can also consult one of our rug experts through our website in case of more queries. 


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