Feature and Benefits of Shaggy Rug

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Shaggy rug as the name suggests comes from a shaggy appearance which you can witness in its long pile height. By placing it in your space, you not only add a taste of luxury to your room but they also never go out of the trend.

Buying shaggy rugs online is really convenient. Or if you wish to buy it straight from a shag rug manufacturer then nothing like it. The texture is soothing because of the high pile height so you can get ready for a comfortable walk across the room and walking will never be tiring anymore

A shag carpet makes the space inviting which was left unexplored earlier. It adds an additional layer of warmth to space. Laying a shaggy rug can immediately sync with your interiors and the energy in that space. It can, in fact, be a great way to remodel your space and make it all the more welcoming.

You can move your palm across the strands of a shaggy rug and let that vibe flow in the room. It can remind you of the good old days in a modern space. 

Here are some benefits of a shaggy rug:

Create your own zone of comfort

Lay a shaggy rug to create your own zone of comfort so that you won’t have to step out of it. Place it and slide in your feet and feel the textures. The zone itself will be the hangout spot for each member of your family. You can all be together on a shaggy rug watching tv, exchanging memories, playing games, or catching up on everything at the end of the day. Perhaps, who knows you may end up sleeping on the rug as the midnight talks never seem to end.

Bring warmth indoors

If you have your room on the ground floor that tends to stay cool or if there is marble flooring that makes your feet ice-cold especially in winter months then laying a shaggy rug will modify the entire experience. When you traverse from the floor to the rug, the warmth of the rug will surround your feet and make you want to stay there for a little longer. Moreover, you can snuggle up in this cozy corner with your family and spend quality time on cold winter mornings.


Minimizes unnecessary clatter

Living in a society where the neighbors aren’t really cooperative or adjacent to a posh society where you hear the car honking every now and then can be troublesome. However, you need not worry as there is an easy solution to it. Place a shaggy rug. This will dampen the unnecessary noise to a large extent. You can even take it as a zone circumscribing an area of solitude where you can just be with yourself and cherish the moments. Further, if you have an extended family staying with you or a number of guests coming over, then it will be nice to have your sweet little peaceful corner.

Here is a list of features of shaggy rugs:

Feel the touch of texture

Shaggy rugs have a high pile height and the material used can be silk, cotton, or wool which accounts for their softness. If you have toddlers at home, then purchasing shaggy rugs is the best bet because of their softness. They won’t hurt the baby's skin and they can play with its fibers all day. If you purchase a shaggy rug, you will not be able to keep yourself away from it. The floor will become your relaxing spot instead of bean bags or couches.

Shaggy rugs will stay with you for years to come

Shaggy rugs last for a good time. They are going to be an essential element of your space that holds all your good memories. Although, you can place them in areas having more footfall yet it will be better to lay them where there is limited interference and no furniture crushing its pile. This will help the rug to stay longer with you so that you can treasure it for years to come.


Never go out of trend with Shag rugs

Shaggy rugs might take you back to older days but the good thing is that they are as relevant in the current times. The appeal they create with their smooth look only adds to the comfort they provide. To enhance the style or cast a bold statement with a shaggy rug, you can carefully pick the colors and textures to align them with your interiors. 

Now, let’s talk about what your shag rug needs and what you can do to easily maintain it so it stays for long.

In order to keep your dear rug as good as new, the trick is to dig out a few minutes from your routine work and utilize it to clean the rug. The concern with shaggy rugs is that if they are left unattended for a long period of time the dirt is bound to get collected in its long fibers making the rug clumpy.

There are simple steps that you can follow as a shag rug cleaning method.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner every few days to get rid of the dirt.
  • In case the dirt does not come out then you can even use a sprinkler bottle to spray water but make sure that you do not wet it too much.
  • You can use a soft detergent to spray on the carpet and wipe it out using a clean, light-colored towel.
  • A steam cleaner would also be of great help to extract the dirt or food crumbles that might have got stuck in it. Post that it is important that you leave them to dry but also keep in mind to not leave them under the sun or outside for long.
  • However, in case you are unable to find time to devote to your carpet, you can always call for professional help and get them deep cleaned a few times a year. 

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