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From The Loom

  • 04 September 2023
  • 4 Min Read
  • By Jaipur Rugs
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For AD100 designer, Iram Sultan, home is an emotion. It’s where comfort meets joy meets solace. A well-designed home, if you ask her, is the meeting point of bespoke architecture, intimate details, and comely corners that house unbridled conversations.

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So, how does one approach the rug design of any space like that? 
Iram’s approach to design, in her own words, is quite simple: “learning and evolving from our mistakes”. She considers herself an eternal student who is always on the lookout for discoveries. She seeks inspiration in Bollywood cinema at times too, thanks to her collection of music CDs, which she keeps neatly piled up in her cupboard. 

To that end, her projects are an artistic confluence of her design sensibilities and architectural story-telling. She is a storyteller, who loves to pay an ode to her clients’ journeys through the homes she designs for them, with an aesthetic that is unapologetically true to the client’s identity.  
For instance, for a 1,500 square-feet of home commissioned for a recently-single parent in their forties, in New Delhi, Sultan’s aim was to create an oasis of natural light, and soft textures all around. And so natural materials, matte finishes, subtle textures, and a sense of timelessness underline its design philosophy.  

The client was a well-traveled entrepreneur who was looking for a welcoming and easy nest. The home inherently celebrated light. And so for it to be able to shine, quite literally, the walls were coated in softly textured taupe. The structure was old, so while there was little room to play around with its bones, Sultan made the most of a backdrop of abundant green flanking the property.

The natural bounty, then, was ushered in through a series of perfect windows that framed the bedrooms the designer etched out. Walls were also broken down to extend the living room, creating not just windows to bring the light in, but also bay windows to snuggle in with a book and a hot cup of cocoa. An unused balcony became an almost outdoor area with a glass skylight, and it is connected to the living room.

The story too, quite befittingly, was also of breaking boundaries and letting the light fill a space and life.  
The second most important layer of home design is furniture. And for this space, Iram chose different shades of taupe, grey, and wood. It was a tapestry of colors, matching the natural world outside, allowing the sun to illuminate every corner, and leave behind its traces when it's gone. The dining area was elevated by a suspended light, yet again celebrating light as the center of this space's design. 

And in the bedrooms, heavily cushioned beds, floors dotted with vintage carpets, and windows wrapped in natural linen curtains cozy them up to comprise a warm, welcoming home, much to the client’s liking.


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Finding a Balance with Asymmetrical Art

Triangles stitched together. Swatches woven to tell a story of sustainability. Artwork, in ways you can only imagine.
In recent years, a fascinating trend has emerged in the world of interior design -  asymmetrical rugs. Breaking away from the traditional symmetry and uniformity commonly associated with rugs, these captivating floor coverings have gained immense popularity for their unique and visually striking designs. 
Interestingly though, the influence of asymmetry extends far beyond the realm of rug-making; it has made a profound impact on the fashion industry and, more broadly, the world of art. Asymmetry, as an artistic concept, challenges conventional norms and breaks free from the confines of symmetry. Its roots can be traced back to the early 20th century, when art movements like Cubism spearheaded by Pablo Picasso revolutionized the way artists approached composition. Picasso's fragmented and deconstructed artworks shattered the traditional understanding of visual harmony, embracing irregularity and asymmetry to create a new visual language.

The echoes of Picasso's work can be seen in contemporary fashion trends as well. Designers have embraced the power of asymmetry, using unconventional cuts, irregular patterns, and mismatched elements to create visually stimulating garments. Asymmetrical hemlines, one-shoulder tops, and off-center prints have become popular choices for those seeking to make a bold fashion statement.
The trend encourages us to challenge our preconceived notions of balance and order, inviting a sense of dynamism and spontaneity into our lives. Whether in the form of asymmetrical rugs, avant-garde fashion, or groundbreaking artistic movements, asymmetry reminds us that there is an inherent allure in embracing the unexpected.

Asymmetrical art offers a refreshing departure from the predictable, inviting us to explore the harmony that lies within the unconventional. It is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of art and design, demonstrating that breaking free from symmetry can lead to captivating and thought-provoking creations. So, whether you're adorning your living space with a captivating asymmetrical rug or donning a fashion-forward asymmetrical ensemble, you're partaking in a larger trend — one that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and challenges the boundaries of traditional aesthetics.


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