Minimalist Geometry Defining Art with Area Rugs

  • one month ago


A rug is much more than you can think. It not only protects the flooring or adds comfort beneath the feet, it is an element of art in the space. It is like another wall to the room which gives you the freedom to be designed in the way you want it to be.

Breaking the monotony

While choosing area rugs for the home, it becomes essential to have a clear picture of what the rug means to space and how it is going to enhance its present appeal. If you are thinking of breaking the monotony of the usual traditional designs and thinking out of the box then geometry area rugs are the ones that you should go ahead with.

The geometric designs shift the whole paradigm of what one believes a carpet to be like. The ideal image is of a traditional carpet, with floral designs, intricacies on the border and the ground. However, when you think of geometric designs, they are so simple and yet interesting. After all, we have all studied in school about triangles, rectangles, circles, and more. 

Decor ideas

There are some of the decor ideas that you can take into account while redoing your space or setting up a whole new space altogether. The curves and lines in geometric designs are plain and yet have an intrinsic role to play. For instance, if the rug has a circle on it and you place it in the living room to match a round mirror on the wall. It will perfectly align with the decor setup. Moreover, if the area rug has a huge square flowing along with the breadth from one edge to another then you place it under a small square coffee table. 

With this creative mix and match, you will be able to see the harmony it brings to space. Moreover, if you are a huge fan of adorning your space with art pieces then shapes like rectangles, squares or even triangles can go hand in hand with them.

Soothing effect

Geometric design on an area rug brings a subtle soothing effect to the eyes. The reason being, that they are simple and with limited details. This gives space for the creative ideas to flow in such that you are not lost completely in the complex intricacies involved. In order to add more fun elements to the rug, you can walk along the lines and curves and traverse the entire rug along with the shapes from one corner to another. It will be more fun with more people being a part of the activity.


The rug type sets the imagery in mind

If your place has an ancient or vintage rug adorning the floor then you will automatically get the feeling that space is carrying. It will seem as if it belongs to an older generation such that the rug might have been introduced in the family first by the great grandfather and then it may have been passed on to the generations as an heirloom. However, if space has a geometric area rug placed on the floor then it will give you the feel of the current era. The entire space will have a modern vibe and would be in harmony with the present generation. This in fact widens the view to think about the design and patterns of the rug and the number of possibilities that can be accomplished with a geometry area rug on the floor.

Learning space for kids

A little geometry on the rug can transform it into a learning space altogether. If there are kids at home, then playing ‘recognize the shape’ will be absolutely fun. This will also help them learn more about shapes and since they are visualizing what it looks like, it will be in their memory for a longer period of time. Moreover, you can go one step ahead in building their creative potential if you can carefully choose the perfect area rug color and help them enhance their comprehension of different hues as well.


Custom your geometric area rug

Although, there are endless options when it comes to choosing colors, patterns, designs, and styles to suit a particular kind of decor. However, with Jaipur Rugs, you can get your rugs customized. As we understand that despite having an exhaustive range, every person has a taste of their own which blends with their space.  

When it comes to choosing a custom rug for the living room, you can pick the colors, design, material, and geometry that you wish to have on the rug. Moreover, we have more than 3000 colorways that you can pick from. This rug will speak about your personality and add a unique definition to the area. In fact, a good idea would be to pick and choose different colors for different shapes to align with the decor. Laying such an area rug in your space will give you a sense of accomplishment in itself.

Fits every kind of space

A geometry area rug can be accommodated in any kind of space. It can be part of a simple home interior or something as grand as a posh hotel lobby. However, when you plan to buy a geometry area rug for your space be slightly mindful of not creating an idea of distraction in the space. 

For instance, if the area rug has a number of circles weaved into it and you place it in a hotel lobby with a circular chandelier along with arches all over the space. Another example would be if the rug has a number of square patterns running on it and the living room has a square table, square cushions on the couch, square frames on the wall. This will make the space look too busy and the effect of the actual element of art, which is the rug, will diminish. Therefore, place the rug to match the decor but in a subtle manner. This will elevate the space and make it more inviting.


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