Quirky Ways of Decorating With Rugs

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Quirky Ways of Decorating With Rugs

Area rugs are works of art that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room. They set the style and tone for space, and tie all other decor elements together. At Jaipur Rugs, each hand-knotted area rug is made up of over two million knots tied one by one, month after month on a loom set up in the remotest corners of India. Every rug is a specimen of timeless craftsmanship passed on from one generation to the next for centuries and it's fun decorating with rugs.

No two handmade rugs are identical and the weaver’s stories behind each one of them make them unique pieces of art. Rugs can add a unique element to a room’s décor, instantly elevating the look of a space. They are one of the most versatile pieces of décor with multiple usages and perfect to add the festive spirit to your home.

Here are some quirky ideas for decorating with rugs:

Rugs on the wall:

You can fill your vertical spaces with handmade carpets to give it a unique look. A fine quality carpet on the living room wall or as a backdrop in the dining room can be a great central décor piece that can add a quirky element to space. As a bonus, wall rugs help to cancel out noise and it is best suited for the hustle and bustle of modern urbanity. The Far East, Lacuna, Chaos Theory, and Unstring collections at Jaipur Rugs have some exquisite pieces that can be used as wall art.

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Odd-Shape Rugs:

While most would tend to opt for standard rectangular carpets and rugs, know that unconventionally shaped rugs may suit your space just as well. While decorating with rugs consider buying unique shapes like Jaipur Rugs’ ‘Pink Perspective’ from the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection by Matteo Cibic or Concoction by Shantanu Garg for a bold yet understated appeal with its graphic depiction of Jaipur’s sundial or match a large circular rug to an open-plan space to make an effortless styling choice. You can also get your odd-shaped rugs custom-made to suit your space.


Odd Shape Rugs - Decorating With Rugs - Jaipur Rugs

A Rug on Rug:

The new rule of decorating with rugs is, the more the merrier. Using different types of rugs in layers is an easy way to add color and pattern to a room or to experiment with trends. A mix and match of different rugs can add character and versatility to rooms both indoors and out. You can experiment with different colors, textures, and/or fibre like wool, silk, high/low, or a flat weave with color and pattern in order for the combination to stand out. A single-tone rug as the base and a splash of color on top or a traditional pattern like the Aurora collection by Jaipur Rugs can be a great idea. Something like the Kolam collection, inspired by South Indian folk art is a great choice when layering rugs.

Rugs on Rug- Decorating With Rugs - Jaipur Rugs

While with rugs the decor possibilities are endless. As depicted in a 17th-century painting of the Somerset House Conference of the Anglo-Spanish war era, fine quality rugs have also been used as a table cloth. So keep your options open for all manner of appropriate rugs and their unique usage in your space.

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