Transform Your Workspace with Area Rug

  • 2 months ago


For the past year, all of us have been spending most of the time working from home, in our spaces that we have transformed into makeshift or even full-fledged offices. You would want it to look and feel good enough for you to be able to spend most of your time there, concentrating on work but also feeling at home. And the easiest way you can make a space reflect your work personalist, what you do, and the vibe that helps you concentrate is by placing an area rug in your home office. But adding the right home office rug is not a decision you can take in a jiffy.
But if you aren’t convinced why, you should consider adding a rug to your home office, let us give you a few more reasons:
•    It can make your room look bigger: if your home office isn’t as big as your actual office used to be, you can give it the illusion of looking bigger with the help of an area rug. 
•    Demarcate spaces: if your home office is a space instead of a separate room, you can use a rug to define the space to make it look like your own corner.
•    Anchor the room: too many disparate pieces in your office? Bind it all together and make your office look professional and neatly decorated with the help of a home office rug that is just the right color, pattern, size, and texture. 
•    Brings much-needed change: sometimes, just a little change in how your office looks can bring motivation and high energy every time you enter your office. A home office rug might just be the easiest way you can dramatically transform your space with very little effort.  
However, before you invest in a rug, there are a number of things you should take into consideration: for example, should you pick a traditional, transitional, or modern rug? Should you go with a patterned rug or a solid one? Which one will define the space best, make the room look bigger, and complement your furniture and the existing decor? Don’t worry, we can help you with your home office makeover, irrespective of whether you want a modern or contemporary rug, a traditional rug, or a Persian or Oriental rug.
Below, we break down the three most common kinds of rugs- traditional, transitional, and modern- and how each can work with the kind of office you have. 

1.    Traditional rugs: A Persian or oriental rug is one of the best examples of a traditional rug. These can be easily identified from a mile away, thanks to their ornate details and the intricate designs that were originally created centuries ago during the royal eras and for the palaces of kings. They have a distinct and traditional color palette of intense red, golden, and maroon shades.

Is a traditional rug right for your home office?
While they are definitely an investment, a traditional rug will last you a lifetime and continue to add grace, charm, and comfort to your space. Pick a color palette that goes the best with your energy and the office- be it a neutral palette with warm colorations or an intense maroon rug with details woven in golden yarns, one with tassels or one without- the options are endless, and all equally alluring. If you have furniture that is classic, is in dark wood color, and with soft edges and gentle curves- a traditional Persian or Oriental rug will be the most apt addition. So, take a moment to look around your room and your home to figure out if this is the right style of area rug for you so that when you can finally go back to your actual office, you can style the rug elsewhere in the room effortlessly. 


2.    Modern rugs: Offering some of the widest variety of styles in rugs, a modern or contemporary rug is a piece of art in itself and can fit into any decor theme or color palette. Be it bohemian or super minimalist, you can find the right style of rug with an extra edge in the modern rugs’ selection at Jaipur Rugs. Pick a quirky shape, a super-textured rug in a unique color palette, and you will have the home office of your dreams! 

Is a modern rug right for your home office?
Abstract, striped, geometric patterns, bold, contrasting colors, and a lot more- if all these things strike a note with your aesthetic sensibilities, then a modern rug is the right choice for your space. You can even mix and match patterns and colors with a modern or contemporary rug, or even layer them up for a truly interesting look. 

3.    Transitional rugs: perhaps the easiest of ‘em all to style are transitional rugs. With designs like a traditional rug and colors from a modern palette to merge the best of both. They don’t look as formal but bring the same sophistication as a Persian or Oriental rug. So if you don’t want to decide between a traditional and a modern home office rug, pick a transitional rug to play it safe, yet achieve the most stunning decor for space. 


Is a transitional rug right for your home office?
As its name rightly suggests, a transitional rug can easily and seamlessly fit into any space, be it your home office, the living room, study, or bedroom. Take stock of the colors in your space and find a rug that ties all of it together to create a color palette, be it for a maximal or minimal decor theme. 
 Now that you know everything there is to know about a home office rug, you can go ahead and make the right choice and investment to buy the perfect and apt one. Browse through our wide collection of modern, traditional, and transitional rugs for the best options to choose from. 


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