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Transitional Rugs

A fine blend of classic and contemporary, transitional is both smooth and sleek, along with elegant and comforting. It adopts neutral colours, merging the masculine and feminine, and presents a look that is both clean and intricate.

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transitional rugs

Buy the best quality transitional rugs online

Jaipur Rugs India offers its customers the best quality transitional rugs online. Whether you are looking for a beige transitional rug or transitional wool area rug we got many splendid options that are specifically customized for you. Our transitional carpets, jute carpets, and flower carpets can be turned into the best living room rugs, bedroom carpet, runners, or whatever type of rug that you need to bring your housing decorations together.

How to Choose the right transitional rug for your home

By Room size

It is best to measure the dimensions of your room prior to selecting a transitional rug. You want to give your rug some buffer room of about 18” to 24” from the edges to the wall in order to ensure a great fit. Allowing for a buffer zone will allow the rug to act as an accent piece or rather a focal point for the room.

By Color

The premier transitional carpets are those that define a space and set the tone for using it. It might be a pop of color, a neutral backdrop, or a pattern that ties the room together. Each space may have area rugs that are uniquely suited to its purposes. You can either pair a neutral-colored rug with vibrant walls or vice versa to adequately design your space. Examples of neutral-colored rugs for sale at Jaipur Rugs India are blue carpets, gray carpets, and much more.

By Material

Choosing the right transitional style rug by material can be difficult. But, at Jaipur Rugs India we offer several different options to choose from. From wool, silk, and viscose, to jute, cotton, and many more, we enable your shopping experience to be complete and versatile. Whether you want something soft and smooth or durable and stiff, you can browse our rugs by material for your needs. Start searching for transitional rugs today.

Why should you buy transitional carpets from Jaipur Rugs India?

Jaipur Rugs India always has their customers in mind. From the moment the raw rug materials are sourced from fields, to when artisans create the perfect masterpiece for someone’s home, Jaipur Rugs offers excellent transitional rugs of all kinds.

These rugs allow for your space to develop balance, accentuate unique decor, or create a focal point for your space. This can really enhance the luxury feel of your home and elevate it to a new level.



What is a transitional rug?

Transitional area rugs are the ideal combination for individuals who cannot decide on the perfect rug for their home. It combines the style and colors of modern transitional rugs and traditional transitional rugs together to form the best rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other empty space in your home.

How much does a transitional rug cost?

At Jaipur Rugs, transitional rugs cost anywhere between $71 and $49,000. This means that we offer a wide array of transitional rugs that are perfect for any budget and any home looking to spruce up its space with something different.

Are transitional rugs durable?

Most transitional rugs are durable outside of viscose material. Other rugs outside of viscose rugs are made from strong fibers that allow for maximum durability which makes them great for living room rugs, natural stair runners, or carpet runners in a hallway.



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