medium rugs

For those who have a bit more space, our Medium Rugs are the perfect solution. Available in a variety of designs, these a medium size rug will add character to your room while also providing comfort and warmth. There is no doubt that simplistic, medium carpet possesses the best dimensions and appearance in existing homes today. They can be excellent rugs for bedroom as bedrooms typically run on the smaller side. Think about purchasing cotton rugs, jute rugs, or other choices that are destined to lay with elegance. So consider finding the perfect balance between style and functionality with our collection of medium rugs. Designed to complement any room, large or small

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medium rugs

When it comes to buying handmade medium rugs, you have to be very specific about what you should consider and what not. First, you must consider your space's existing color scheme and decor style because medium size rugs can make or break your area. If you are thinking of placing a carpet in your bedroom, you can go with a medium pile rug or if you are looking for living room rugs, go with medium-sized rugs.

At Jaipur Rugs, we have a wide variety of handmade, hand-tufted, and handloom medium rugs to let you elevate the appearance and flair of your home. A medium rug can easily define the space and drastically change the room's overall look. For high-traffic areas like the living room, you should consider buying medium pile rug.

Buy medium rugs online at Jaipur Rugs India

Since 1978, Jaipur Rugs has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting handmade rugs. You will find everything you desire with over 10,000 options and 1000+ color combinations without hampering your pocket. If you want to see how a rug looks in your space, try our AI tool to choose the right carpet for lining the room, bedroom, or other space. You can also customize your own rug to showcase your true taste and personality.

Explore various styles of medium rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs

Rugs are an essential element of our home, a décor item seldom overlooked, especially when the designs are beautiful and inviting.

Modern Rugs

Want to bring eternity and elegance to your space? Medium-pile carpets can make a huge impact. Add modern medium carpets to your dining room, kitchen tables, living room, and doorway to connect your space with your personality. We have everything to make your place look appealing with various modern designs, eye-catching color schemes, and multiple sizes.


There is no question that the beauty of traditional rugs can add character to any room. However, medium gray carpets are an investment you will most likely be living with for a long time, so selecting the right rug for your space is crucial. Using traditional methods, techniques, and designs, we blend centuries-old motifs with modern elements and bring your home back to life. Traditional round rugs can be used in almost any room. Even if the room is carpeted, you may define the space by layering round rugs.


Traditional and modern rug designs are combined to create transitional carpets. The transitional rugs offer elegance with less formality while showcasing cutting-edge components that create a more energizing atmosphere in your office. There is no color restriction on transitional rugs with countless design options.

Tips to place Medium Rugs

When placing a medium rug, you can try different promotions and combinations to amp up the overall look of your room. Many interior designers have agreed that placing medium-sized rugs can drastically change your space's flair and anchors the furniture. For medium outdoor rugs, you can try jute rugs to provide inviting vibes.



What is a medium-sized rug?

The size of medium rugs varies between 5'1″- 8'6″. A small rug is usually 5,' and large rugs range between 8'7″-12.

Where to place a medium-sized rug?

You can place a medium rug in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or kids' room.

How to clean medium-sized carpets?

Just like a normal carpet, you can clean medium-sized rugs too. We recommend that you should vacuum your rugs once a week to maintain their new-like finish.

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