silk rugs

The extraordinary richness and plush feel of silk rugs make them appealing. Although silk carpets are more expensive than others, their lustrous attractiveness makes up for silk carpet price. Silk carpets online are available in both living room and bedroom carpet styles. Style the silk Carpets For Living Room as a centerpiece or choose a Bedroom Carpet to accent your bedroom flooring. Silk carpets, one of the most popular types of natural rugs, are available at Jaipur Rugs in every hue imaginable, including soft neutrals and bold colors that may help coordinate any room.

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silk rugs

Silk Carpets

A carpet is indeed the crowning glory of any room. The decoration can be altered without too much trouble, and the difference when you choose a rug in a bold color or intricate pattern is astounding. But what if you want something a little different?

And that luxuriously different can be a rug made of silk which gives them an incredible richness and luxurious texture. Silk carpets come in all colors imaginable, including muted neutrals that can help tie together any interior.

Silk carpets do much more than just cover the floor. As more individuals choose to give their walls a more tactile appearance, "statement silk rug wall hangings" are all the trend and the expression is surging on Pinterest and Google. A wonderful technique to spruce up a wall and add dimension and a modern texture is by hanging silk flower carpets from it.

Pure Silk Carpets & Rugs

Since the beginning of time, affluent people have collected pure silk carpets and rugs because they last for generations. Silk fibers, a natural protein fiber obtained from the cocoons of domesticated or wild silkworms, are used to make pure silk carpets and rugs. Due to their high worth, silk rugs are kept as collectors and are advised to be utilized primarily as décor, possibly even as wall art.

Benefits of silk rugs

When it comes to creating rugs, silk is thought to be one of the strongest fibers available. The most noteworthy aspect of silk is that carpets created from it have an unmatched sheen and brilliance, are very reflective, and are extremely visible. What's more amazing is that silk carpets can take on multiple hues and appearances depending on the angle and lighting they're viewed in.  Silk carpets are not only resilient, but also fire resistant, lightweight (quite useful if you frequently remodel your room), and incredibly soft. Unlike woolen carpets, silk carpets have excellent anti-static properties, are resistant to shedding and matting, and offer excellent insulation. They also make for easy cleaning with low levels of vacuuming and chemicals as well as being naturally resistant to mold or mildew.

You have the option to add a one-of-a-kind work of art to your house by choosing from the many designs and patterns of silk rugs that are available. Due to its natural silk construction, Indian rugs from Jaipur Rugs are also environmentally friendly. The ideal method to give your home an opulent feel is with a silk rug.

If properly cared for, they are relatively simple to maintain and just require a thorough cleaning once a year. Children and senior citizens alike benefit greatly from silk rugs' superior cushioning effects, which make moving around the room more comfortable.

Explore our latest collection of silk rugs online - Jaipur rugs

Our silk rugs give flair to any room and go well with bohemian, modern, and rustic designs. They include intricate motifs in rich colour combinations including red, blue, and green.

True to their nature, these magnificent runners and area rugs lend a touch of opulence and refinement to any setting. Our silk rugs look fantastic in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, regardless of design or colour. Blue carpets are popular for adding texture, colour, and warmth to modern spaces, while grey carpets are particularly favoured to give traditional spaces a modern, edgy touch.

Our most recent collection of silk carpets online features carpets in every possible design, from classic to contemporary to transitional. Geometric patterns, abstract patterns, tribal patterns, and many more continue to woo. Available in various shapes, such as rectangular, round, square, etc., they can readily match various decor styles.

You can make your pick from our latest collection. The silk carpet price is significantly influenced by the construction method, size, and blend (since silk is occasionally combined with other materials). A silk rug can cost anywhere from Rs 24,600 to Rs 36,00,000.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy silk rugs

At Jaipur Rugs, sustainability is at the heart of both our methods and designs. Every purchase you make from us directly supports the livelihood of our group of weavers, enabling them to traverse the hardships of life in India's most distant regions.

The Jaipur business model makes use of a local network to help move raw materials to and from, allowing our artisans to continue working despite their inability to reach urban regions. Since each of our handcrafted rugs passes through 180 hands, purchasing one eventually links you to 90 weavers and other craftsmen and their means of subsistence. 

Additionally, we offer silk carpets in every hue under the sun, from vivid hues like fiery red, purple, or orange to delicate hues like ivory and beige.

Silk carpets are a great option for interior design because of their sheen and longevity, which have long been admired. From nurseries to master bedrooms, outdoor events to upscale dining rooms, door mats to hall runners, we have a silk rug for any need.

Furthermore, we provide safe payment channels and simple returns for quick and risk-free purchases. With every order, you receive free shipping as an added benefit.

FAQs about silk rugs

Are silk rugs hard to maintain?

No, silk rugs are not hard to maintain. They're one of the most low-maintenance items in your home. In reality, all you need to do is spot clean a silk rug every once in a while by using warm water and mild soap to carefully get rid of any dirt that might have built up since the last time you cleaned it. This process can be done as often as needed depending on how dirty the rug gets.

Are silk carpets good?

Of all the natural fabrics, silk is the most resilient. Because it contains proteins and amino acids, silk is incredibly silky and luscious. For generations, the durability of silk mats and carpets has been well recognized. Silk is a fiber that can be stretched and is simple to form. It is a renewable fiber due to its elastic nature. These top-notch rugs are an excellent option if you have pets in your home and are concerned about wear and tear. They thrive relatively long lives because of their innate power. But caring for rugs and giving them attentive cleaning is necessary. Even though silk fibers are stretchy and can be damaged by heat and chemicals, they lose their strength when they become wet and hence are not recommended for places prone to moisture.

Can you wash silk carpet?

Clean up spills immediately with water and mild soap. Avoid using chemical cleaners since they can stain. Use cold or lukewarm water to remove spills or stains to prevent shrinkage and damage. Silk carpets should never be soaked in water since this can harm the fibers in the long run. Once every two to three years, we advise professional cleaning.

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