Introducing Our New Stain Resistant Coating

Does thinking about liquid spills make you anxious every time anyone stands on your rug? With our latest Stain Resistant Coating technique, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Features of Stain Resistant Coating

Liquid &
Stain Repellent




Invisible &
Skin Safe


How to Clean a Spill From Your Stain Resistant Rug

  1. Do not rub the affected area of your rug.
  2. Place a clean tissue or an absorbent cloth over the spill and allow it to soak up the liquid.
  3. Remove the wet tissue or absorbent cloth and repeat if still wet. Gently dab the affected area to remove any remaining liquid.
  4. Let the rug dry naturally.
  5. Wipe once with a clean damp tissue or cloth to remove all traces of the spill.

A Service That Stays True to You

  1. Our Stain Resistant Coating service is available as an add-on for new rugs. Apply once and keep your rug stain-free for a year. Book your service at just Rs. 118 per sqft.

Watch Videos To Learn More

Introducting our new stain resistant solution for rugs

How to clean liquid spills from your stain resistant rug

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our latest stain resistance coating is a powerful nanotechnology-based liquid repellent for your rugs. A one-time application forms an ultra-thin & invisible coating that provides long lasting protection against water, liquids, stains & spills (coffee, tea, wine and more).

Some salient features of this Stain Resistant Coating Technique:

  • Innovative German Nanotechnology, Manufactured in India
  • Perfect Liquid, Water, Stain & Spill Repellent
  • Long-Lasting & Durable - No Re-spraying every day or week.
  • Water-based & Non-toxic formula
  • Solvent & Fluorocarbon-free
  • Safe for you, your children and family, pets & food-safe certified.
  • Safe to use on all absorbent fabrics
  • Does not alter the colour, look, feel & smell
  • Suitable for fabric, cotton, polyester, linen, suede, nubuck, leather, nylon, synthetics, canvas, sheepskin, wool & silk.
  • Strong upholstery protection that penetrates into the rug fibers & blocks stains so they don't set in
  • Stains & messes will not be absorbed & can be wiped off with a paper towel or microfiber cloth

Our Stain Resistant Coating is safe for materials like wool, silk, cotton, nylon, jute, sisal, and hemp. The service is available as an add-on for all our products. You can also get the service done for your old rug.

Technically, our Stain Resistant Coating is permanent because the Nano-tech coating bonds to each individual fiber. However, because of regular abrasion and wear & tear, the coating will become less effective after a year of continued use.

Our Stain Resistant Coating is invisible and is applicable on all textile surfaces, both natural & synthetic. IT will make no changes to the look and feel of your rug.

If a strong detergent is used or material is sent for dry cleaning; the effect of the coating will be reduced. Using hand soap/detergents over the material will also decrease the stain resistance effect and is not recommended.

The stain-resistant coating protects your rug from the usual liquid spills including tea, coffee, green tea, wine, coke, ketchup and other water-based stains.

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