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Introducing Our New Stain Resistance Coating

Stain Resistant Coating

Does thinking about liquid spills make you anxious every time anyone stands on your rug? With our latest Stain Resistant Coating technique, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Benefits of our Stain Resistant Coating

  1. Highly Effective Formula: Most liquids can be wiped right off.
  2. Your Rug Stays Like Before: Our water-based fluorine-free formula is completely harmless to your rug.
  3. Completely Harmless: Non-toxic and non-flammable, our eco-friendly formula is harmless to anyone who touches it.
  4. Protect Your Rug: Keep your rug safe from bacterial growth and harmful UV rays .
  5. Practically Invisible: Less than 150 nanometers thick,our Stain Resistant Coating makes no changes to your rug’s original appearance.
  6. Completely Odourless: With our odourless and fume-free formula, you don’t have to think twice before using your rug to decorate your indoor spaces.
  7. Not Harmful to Food: Our coating formula is completely inert and does not cause reactions with any food.

How to Clean a Spill From Your Stain Resistant Rug

  1. Do not rub the affected area of your rug.
  2. Place a clean tissue or an absorbent cloth over the spill and allow it to soak up the liquid.
  3. Remove the wet tissue or absorbent cloth and repeat if still wet. Gently dab the affected area to remove any remaining liquid.
  4. Let the rug dry naturally.
  5. Wipe once with a clean damp tissue or cloth to remove all traces of the spill.

A Service That Stays True to You

  1. Our Stain Resistant Coating service is available as an add-on for new rugs. Apply once and keep your rug stain-free for a year. Book your service at just ₹100 per square foot + GST.
  2. Our Stain Resistant Coating service is available for older rugs as well. After an inspection, our team will ascertain if you rug can be serviced after or without washing. If a wash is required, it will be charged separately at ₹50 per square foot + GST.

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