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You must be looking for carpets that are not fastidious, but rather subtly effulgent. If you are searching for 2x3 rugs then you must be looking for a simple addition to your home that is not overwhelming and rather adds a push of love and warmth to your area. Small carpet from our India store online at Jaipur Rugs is a tempting purchase, but definitely a rewarding one. Consider us for your 60x90cm rug needs because our artisans have been practicing for decades and continue producing top-quality hand-woven rugs quickly and respectfully.

Explore various styles of 60X90 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs India


Envisioning your next 60x90 carpet for your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom can be beneficial if you consider a modern solution. Modernistic rugs commonly are jute rugs that have a soft feel, yet a comely viewing experience.


Traditional, or rather oriental rugs are very ubiquitous in the world, but also at our online Jaipur Rugs shop. This is one of the first ever rugs styles created because ancestors needed a functional 2x3 ft rug that spruces up their home, but could also serve as a place to conduct daily activities. If you want 60x90 carpet that is traditional for your next home, then this will work well especially if you live in Middle East and Asian countries because this is where oriental rugs originated from.


A transitional 60x90cm carpet is one of our more forward or rather progressive rug designs in the industry. They contain small subtle patterns in conjunction with small geometric shapes that contain multiple colors or two easily woven colors. The goal of a 60x90 rug that is transitional is to provide a best-of-both-worlds benefit that integrates modern and traditional design thinking together.



What are standard rug sizes?

There are many standard rug sizes on the Jaipur Rugs size. Anything from 60x90cm rug, 120x180, and 240x300 with everything in between are what we offer on our online store.

What is the smallest rug size?

The tiniest rug size you can purchase at Jaipur Rugs is the 60x90 rug or 2x3 ft carpet.

What size is a 2x3 ft rug?

A 2x3 ft rug equates to a 60x90cm rug as well. These values easily convert with one another depending on the measuring system being used. Make sure that you use the same units when measuring your room. This will ensure that the right size rug from Jaipur Rugs is added.

Is it better for a rug to be too big or too small?

For the outdoors, an outdoor rug measuring 60x90 rug is best to be too big. When placed in nature, it is super easy for a rug to get swamped in its external surroundings. This will result in it feeling out of place, too small, and go unnoticed from time to time. Try experimenting with an oversized rug at Jaipur Rugs if looking to add spice to your patio.

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