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flatweave rugs

In essence, a flatweave is a thick cloth. They are mobile, durable and cost-friendly with a large range of weaving patterns, designs and colors. Extremely versatile, it can be used both indoor and outdoor and is even an easy travel partner.

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flatweave rugs

What are flatweave rugs?

Flatweave rugs are made up of thick cloth that adds warmth to your home. They are a flexible, durable, and cost-friendly solution for your decorating needs. Flat weave area rugs consist of a large range of weaving patterns, designs, and colors that you can learn more about below. This type of carpet is perfect for traveling or putting indoors and outdoors.

Explore our latest collection of flat weave carpets

Our latest collection of flat weave carpets at Jaipur Rugs India consists of rugs like cotton flat weave rug, flat weave jute rug, wool rugs, kilims rugs, and silk carpets. Additionally, you can buy flatweave rugs in a myriad of colors such as grey rugs or brown carpet. Whatever you choose to purchase, you can count on a Jaipur Rug designed flatweave that can boost the style factor of your space. Our professional craftsmen are skilled enough to develop elegantly designed focal point rugs for any room in your house.

Varieties of flat weave rugs available at Jaipur Rugs India

Modern rugs

A modern flat weave rug is a contemporary decorating piece for your stylish home. These rugs consist of neutral and vibrant colors with simple geometric patterns to bring your room to life.

Traditional rugs

Traditional flatweave rugs or ‘Oriental’ rugs are historic rugs that have been used across the world for thousands of years. They are considered the original rug first made by man. Traditional flatweave rugs provide a unique sense of elegance and antiquated style for your design needs.


Transitional flat weave carpet is the perfect blend for individuals who cannot decide on the perfect rug for their home. It blends the style and colors of modern and traditional solid rugs together to form the ideal rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other empty space in your home.

Why pick Jaipur Rugs to buy flat weave rugs?

Jaipur Rugs should be your go-to choice for buying flat weave rugs because we create rugs that make a design statement in your home. Through timeless abstracts, contemporary graphics, modern geometry, and much more, Jaipur Rugs offers its customers a collection of flatweave rugs that can enhance the ambiance of any place in your residence. These rugs can truly transcend a place into a home of luxury.



What is a flatweave rug?

A flatweave rug is a thick cloth that is made on a loom as opposed to being knotted. This reduces the amount of pile throughout the rug which means less loose threads that can get caught on furniture and ripped out. Through the assistance of the loom or mechanical device, flatweave rugs are able to be made lightweight which allows them to be carried everywhere by your side.

Are flatweave rugs easy to clean?

Flatweave rugs are simple to clean, but there are some cleaning principles to follow. It is recommended to do the following: do not brush or scrub the rug, vacuum it periodically, blot stains with a warm towel, and do not pull out loose threads, but rather trim it with a scissor instead. Additionally, we do advise you to contact a local carpet cleaner that can professionally clean your rug at least every other year to ensure longevity.

Are flatweave rugs durable?

Flatweave rugs are an extremely good choice if you are looking for durability. Their minimal pile means that they are not prone to wear and tear as easily as other rug materials. Such a low pile indicates that the threads are not being crushed when walked upon. This means that you can place flatweave rugs in hallways, living rooms, or any other high-traffic area because flatweave carpets are very resistant.



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