oversized rugs

For those who like to go big, our Oversized Rugs are the perfect solution. These large carpets will add grandeur to your space while also providing comfort and warmth. Ideally, you can use the oversized area rugs for any room in your house. Or, you can use the oversized rugs for living room. Think about selecting one of our more popular pieces such as grey carpets or floral carpets to really extract the most out of your rug-buying process. So, pick up an oversized rug today and watch its opulence make your home look different than before.

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oversized rugs

An epic guide to oversized rugs

Do you have a large living room that looks very dull and empty? How about getting an oversized rug living room to elevate the space and make it look complete? Placing an oversized rug can help anchor your furniture and create a warm environment. From oversized outdoor rugs to oversized bedroom rugs. you will find a versatile range of oversized rugs in the market. You can choose oversized brown carpets or oversized silk rugs for your home to transform the space and make it look more inviting.

What are oversized rugs?

Oversized rugs are extra-large that measure more than twenty or thirty feet.  They are best suited for large open spaces. They can be used in open floor plan homes or commercial spaces and can make an unfinished space look inviting, stylish, and consistent. Oversized rugs bring a touch of decadence to a space and also help prevent or cover floor stains. You can add an oversized area rug with vibrant patterns to revamp your living area. If you have a large-sized living room, you should go with an oversized rug measuring 12x18.

Buy the best quality oversized rugs online at Jaipur Rugs India

If you are looking to buy fine-quality and durable rugs online then Jaipur Rugs India is your go-to place. The online store offers an exclusive range of oversized area rugs where you will find every colour, pattern, and material that you are looking for. From oversized outdoor rugs to oversized rugs for the living room, you will find a rug for every room and style. Jaipur Rugs India is known for their excellent quality and unique designs. Their rugs can last for generations and have been woven by skilled artisans from different Indian cities.

Explore different styles of oversized rugs          


If you want to add texture to your contemporary home then adding modern rugs will do the trick for you. These are affordable and long-lasting rugs that have vibrant geometric patterns and have been inspired by the latest trends and designs. If you want to spice up the look of your space and add a bohemian and unconventional touch to it, go for large modern rugs that can make your space look stylish and glam.


Rugs that have been woven using the hand-knotting technique and are made with natural materials such as silk and wool are called traditional rugs. They can last for generations and have unique designs that are inspired by historic symbols and designs. Traditional rugs are also called Oriental and Persian rugs because of their patterns. If you want to bring a luxurious and royal vibe to your space, then visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs India to buy the best traditional rugs in the market.


These kinds of rugs have been inspired by both modern and trending designs and classic-traditional patterns. Transitional rugs can be used in both contemporary and conventional homes. They are available in both natural and synthetic fibres and are easily available in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs.



What size is an oversized rug?

Oversized rugs are usually larger than 20 feet. They can be used to make large, open spaces look more finished and stylish. If you have a rug that is larger than 13'x21' then it would be considered an oversized rug.

What is the largest size rug you can buy?

12x15 ft is the largest standard rug size that you can purchase if you have an extra-large or open space. This size is also suitable for office spaces and open-floor plan homes.

Where to place an oversized rug?

An oversized rug 12x18 can be placed in a living room that has a large, empty space.

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