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At last, you are finally purchasing your first-ever rug. You came to the right place because our Jaipur Rugs India online store contains some of the finest 6 x 9 rugs known to mankind. A 270 x 180 rug is a surefire decorating piece that can guarantee a lavish-looking room. Come check out our 180 x 270 carpet and filter your search in accordance with your taste. Whatever kind of vibe, style, or feel you are going for, Jaipur Rugs has it.

Explore various styles of 180 x 270 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs India


The modernistic 6x9 ft rug is one that is unforgiving. It is unforgiving because it is a basic, yet clandestine masterpiece that can transform a contemporary home in no time. A 180 x 270 rug with modern characteristics is suave in nature because of its equalizing integration into every room.


An oriental 180 x 270 rug is for those looking to honor their heritage or for rug collectors who fancy historic-looking rugs. A 6x9 ft carpet that is inspired by ancestors and crafted with love is something that every individual, couple, or family should want in their home. That’s why the traditional 6x9 feet rug or traditional rugs are commonly found in every home in India, America, and multiple other countries.


If you are exhausted and tired of looking at thousands of different styles of rugs, then maybe you are not looking at the right type. This is where transitional rugs come into place. There are green carpet and shaggy carpets that come in a transitional style. A transitional style is for those that can decide on a proper rug for their space.



What is a 6x9 rug good for?

A 6x9 rug is good carpets for living room. Consider placing a 180 x 270 rug here because it fits within the recommended rug parameters of a standard living room size, which is 12x16.

How heavy is a 6x9 rug?

180 x 270 rugs can be hefty. They carry some weight to them if you buy material that is densely packed. Consider reading our rug product descriptions to gather a sense of the sheer size and weight these rugs have.

Is a 6x9 rug big enough for a living room?

Yes, a 6x9 rug is a perfect size for any living room in any country.

How big is a 180 x 270 rug?

Your standard 180 x 270 rug is also measured at 6x9 feet. It is comparable to your typical dining room table found in one of your rooms.

How do you tell if a rug is too small for a room?

In theory, a rug is never too small for a room. You have to use your general sense of design and creativity and apply it to decorating. Meaning, if you walk into your room and look at your rug and something seems off-putting, then it is likely your 180 x 270 rug is the improper size.

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