Brown Rugs

Brown rugs are a perfect accent to any outside or inside space. Brown is a dominant yet subdued color, so you can use Brown Carpets in nearly every setting for a calm look. Brown area rugs are also made from durable materials. Hence, brown carpet flooring is a long haul! You can play around with colors as well - use brown rugs with blue rugs in your entryway where you need tough carpeting to hold up on walkways. Use bolder brown carpets for the living room with yellow rugs. You can place brown rugs in just about any room or area of the house.

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brown rugs

Brown Carpets

When purchasing carpets for your home, try considering brown carpets because they can easily blend with any existing decor and provides a minimalistic appearance. Brown rugs always stand the test of time and help in hiding the dirt. That's why a brown rug is an optimal option for high-traffic areas like your living room and dining room. The neutral hue of the brown carpets for living room and brown carpet flooring can be a terrific way to introduce color to the space by way of furniture and wall art.

Buy Brown Carpets online

Only at Jaipur Rugs do we have carpets in every hue and budget.

Carpet for living room is a great choice for interior design since it has a longstanding reputation for being a calming, peaceful color. From nurseries to master bedrooms, elegant dining rooms to outdoor events, door mats to hallway runners, we have brown rugs for every use.

Combine brown rugs with woolen carpets and shaggy carpets for a classic look that will work in both living rooms and bedrooms. As an alternative, a brown children's rug would provide some modest color and life to your nursery's decor. Do you want to emphasize the old-fashioned nautical theme? To create the retro steampunk look, mix a stunning brown rug with black and white furnishings, sea-themed paintings and sculptures, and a touch of red.

Types of Brown Carpets

According to your budget and requirement, we sell hand-knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, and handloom rugs. You can choose from 10000+ designs to get the desired blue rugs for the living room.


Hand-knotting came to India from Persia, where it was known as Persian hand-knotting. Its originality in art is due to its printing approach, which is knot by knot and line by line, paying attention to each delicate detail. It is a procedure that takes at least two months and can take up to a year depending on the quality and quantity of the carpet being woven.

Hand Tufted:

An artisan begins by placing a backdrop fabric on an iron frame and tracing the desired pattern on it. The artist then uses a little wooden device to force the desired yarn into the fabric, a process known as tufting.

Hand Loom:

A carpet is woven on a loom, much like a handloom cloth. The loom secures the warp (vertical threads) and allows the weft to be interwoven (horizontal threads). If the carpet must be constructed with several colors, the color of the yarn must be altered in the appropriate places to aid in the creation of the final design.

FAQs about Brown carpets

How much does brown carpet cost?

There is no specific cost for brown carpets as they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Starting from ₹2000 to around ₹25 lakhs, we at Jaipur Rugs have more than 10000+ designs to choose from.

Where can I buy trendy Brown Carpets online?

At Jaipur Rugs, you will find various designs, patterns, and spaces, that's why we say - One destination, 10000+ designs.

What styles of Brown Carpets are available at Jaipur Rugs?

As we are in the business for the past four decades, we have modern carpets, traditional carpets, and transitional carpets. Every collection of Jaipur Rugs showcases the traditional art of Persian weaving.

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