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hand knotted rugs

Every home needs a knotted carpet. Soft, warm pieces of Hand Knotted Rugs that are comfy wool or silk knotted in front of the fireplace or on the floor. Hand knotted wool rugs or hand-knotted silk rugs are perfect for any room because they provide unparalleled underfoot comfort. Change your flooring with hand tufted wool rug 8x10 or hang distressed rugs to add a new style to any space. Kilim rugs and hand knotted abstract rugs are ideal for adding a pop of color and pattern without sacrificing style. Check out our collection of handknotted carpets before choosing the handknotted beauty elsewhere.

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hand knotted rugs

Hand Knotted Rugs - Jaipur Rugs

Hand knotted rugs have been there for a long time. From modern geometric to a fine floral carpet, the technique brings to a room its own strong character and charm. Let’s look into the finest collection of rugs online.

What are Hand Knotted Rugs?

Hand knotted rugs are intricately designed rugs that are carefully crafted with knots. The traditional weaving method includes the laying of knots line by line while maintaining artistic patterns on the surface. A hand knotted carpet can prove to be one of the most durable decor items in the space owing to its fine details.

Buy Hand Knotted Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs India

Whether you’re looking for the best hand tufted wool rug 8x10 or the choice is to be made with cotton carpets, Jaipur Rugs have in their stock a solution for each demand. The finest collection in hand knotted rugs is sure to serve as the perfect addition to the room.

Explore the modern, traditional, and transitional hand knotted rugs collection and bring to your home a design that compliments the architectural language.

Choose from a Selection of Different Styles, Patterns, and Materials of Hand Knotted Carpets

From simple hand tufted wool rug 8x10 to intricately patterned silk rugs, let’s look into the wide range of rugs available at Jaipur Rugs.

Modern Rugs

Grey carpets are one of the trending decor items when it comes to bringing a modern flair to the space. You can either amp up the aesthetics by the addition of hand knotted silk rugs in the Free Verse by Kavi collection or add vibrancy with the Zuri range.

Traditional Rugs

Go for the traditional hand knotted wool rugs 8x10 offered in the Aurora collection in order to add a strong character to the space. Explore the flamboyant hand knotted rugs offered in the Verna, Akida, and Aalam series that will bring timelessness to the room.


Consider the idea of adding transitional hand knotted rugs to the room for a luxury effect. The Urban Pause by Kavi, Someplace in Time, and Kairos collection of hand knotted rugs can effortlessly enhance the look of the space.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Hand Knotted Rugs?

The brand makes a promise to serve its clients with the best quality. And at the same time, Jaipur Rugs works in collaboration with several local artisans and support their communities. You can even design your own range of hand knotted rugs with their customization options.

When it comes to shopping with Jaipur Rugs, rest assured of the ease of selection as you can filter the choices amongst hand knotted rugs based on the desired style, shape, colour, and materials. Browse through the best hand knotted area rugs and pick the perfect match.



Are hand knotted rugs worth it?

Hand knotted rugs are the best investment owing to their extreme durability and traditional weaving technique. Handknotted wool rugs are the best addition to a space as they are composed with the best technique that ensures each fabric is tightly knotted in its place.

What is the difference between hand-knotted and hand-woven?

A knotted carpet is made with fine details and premium quality materials. Handknotted will always be a bit more expensive than hand-woven rugs. Hand knotted rugs are composed of several knots, and woven rugs are generally flat.

How do I know if my carpet is hand-knotted?

The best way to check whether you own hand knotted area rugs is by simply flipping over the carpet and checking the knots. If you witness them to be uneven and non-uniform, then it’s the proof for hand knotted rugs.

How long does a hand-knotted rug last?

Whether you’ve got living room or bedroom rugs, these hand-knotted items are sure to stick around for about 7 to 10 years. Durable hand knotted wool rugs might even have a longer life based on the material, maintenance, and quality.



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