distressed rugs

Born out of Turkey, overdyeing is a practice of re-using and re-purposing, bringing vitality to rugs that are faded, worn, or unloved with the times. Each rug seeps into the foundation of the home, adding a touch of history in elegance.

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distressed rugs

What are distressed rugs?

Distressed rugs are one-of-a-kind Turkish carpets that have been brought back to life via a technique called overdyeing. By using this technique, artisans are able to re-purpose these rugs by fixing piles, trimming fibers, and adding colorful combinations to make these carpets look youthful again.

Buy distressed rugs online at Jaipur Rugs India

Traverse a wide variety of natural rugs offered at Jaipur Rugs India by color, size, or material. Color wise, we offer blue distressed rugs, grey distressed rugs, pink distressed rugs, black distressed rugs, and a handful of other colors that suit your decorative taste. Additionally, you can find distressed wool rugs and other distressed rugs made from silk viscose, polyester and a combination of materials so that you can select a rug that feels right for your home.


Explore different types of distressed rugs and Weaving Techniques

Learn more about the weaving techniques our experienced artisans use for our vintage distressed area rugs below.

Hand Knotted

Hand knotted distressed rugs are tied knot by knot and line by line via a unique style of printing. It requires a high degree of skill by craftsmen which ensures that the transitional carpet is incredibly durable and intricately designed.

Hand Tufted

Hand tufted distressed area rugs are a unique alternative to hand knotted rugs. These distressed rugs are compiled by a tool operated by hand. In particular, experienced artisans use this tool to stretch threads across the machine and tie them together to bring a rug. Each tie has a unique structure that brings authenticity and elegance to your home.

Hand Loom

What are hand loom rugs you might ask. These rugs are created with a machine called a loom. A loom enables high quality threads to be fed through a machine and knotted together over a thousand times. Eventually, a carpet is formed after a 2-month time span. It takes a while to produce hand loom rugs because of their inherent intricacy.

Flat Weaves

Flat weaved rugs are composed of thick threads that are interwoven together and present with a flat appearance, hence the name. Like hand loom rugs, flat weave rugs are made on a loom which means they are durable and flexible. Flat woven rugs are cost-friendly, mobile, and versatile meaning they can be used indoors or outdoors.


Patchwork distressed carpet is created by ‘patching’ different pieces of hand-knotted rugs into a larger, single rug. The many combinations of patchwork rugs mean they have a unique personality that fits every family. You can browse these multiform rugs on our Jaipur Rugs site where they are guaranteed to last a lifetime in your home.



Why are distressed rugs so popular?

Distressed rugs are incredibly popular in classic, shabby homes across the world. They bring a vintage character that leaves you and your visitors feel warm and comfortable in a stylistic space.

How do you decorate a distressed rug?

More commonly, household owners use distressed rugs 8x10 to style their homes. They are known to be incredibly versatile which means you can use it as a hallway runner or as a childrens rugs.

How long do distressed rugs last?

With the proper care, distressed rugs can last for over a decade. It is advised that you consult local professional carpet cleaning services in your area every couple of months. This will ensure that your distressed rugs receive a deep, satisfying clean to rid of debris, hair, and dust particles that can damage the rug fibers over time.



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