runner rugs

Still, trying to figure out what to do with the narrow space in your house? This is where runner rugs do the magic! Floor runners have become popular all over the world, and many interior designers use them to fill long, narrow spaces or to give the illusion of lengthening a space. From the Jaipur Rugs collection, you can explore jute runner, runner mat, distressed rugs, floral rugs, and silk rugs to amp up the spaces.

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runner rugs

Still, confused about what to do with the narrow space in your house? This is where runner rugs do the magic! Runner rugs have become popular all over the world, and many interior designers use them to fill long, narrow spaces or to give the illusion of lengthening a space.

What Are Runner Rugs?

What exactly runner rugs are? Many world-famous designs have agreed that a runner rug is a perfect fit for high-traffic areas and that's why named "runners". They appear to be long and thin as if they were created for a hallway. In particular places, long rectangular rugs are widely used. Often runners are used to providing a textural flair to the space while protecting the flooring in high-traffic areas.

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Runner rugs are an easy way to dress up the décor in your home's empty narrow spaces. They can also be used to protect flooring from daily wear and tear in high-traffic areas. So following are the different types of runners that you can consider for your space;

Floor Runner:

Because they are narrow and long, the mind is led to believe that there is a precise destination at the end of the line, that's why runner rugs are commonly used to guide visitors to various parts of your home.

Hallway Runner:

One of the simplest ways to inject individuality and color into a space that may frequently be monotonous in your home is to add a hallway runner. These large, rectangular rugs are also great for shielding your floors from scrapes, marks, dirt, and debris that come with entering and leaving your home.

Jute Runner:

Since runners are used in high-traffic areas and often rugs cannot handle the daily wear and tear. However, jute runners are durable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Latest Runner Rugs Designs For Your Home

With vivid floor runners and rugs in Jaipur Rugs, your hallway will stand out. Runners are perfect for coordinating the design of your hallways and entranceways. Decorate your home with lovely runners and rugs for the hallways for an easy, fashionable interior improvement.

There are many different hues and patterns for runners and hallway rugs.

If you have blue carpets, layer over them with a neutral flatweave jute runner, or go with graphically patterned floor runners to finish the effect in your home. Handmade runners by Jaipur Rugs can warm up and brighten your decor. In addition, to add colors to your room, choose a black and white or geometrically patterned runner in a bright hue.

How to Choose The Right Runner For Your Home?

Without a rug, your decor is incomplete. But so many options make this easy task a bit difficult. The appropriate hall runner may be a work of beauty, whether it accentuates your front door or decorates the corridor leading to your bedroom. So before purchasing a runner, you have to think about the design, color, and size.

By Material:

If you are living in a cold place then choosing the right rug material is very important. You have to go with wool living room rugs so that they can keep your place warm and cozy. And if you live in a hot climate, then try to consider bamboo, silk, jute, or silk bedroom rugs.

By Design:

We at Jaipur Rugs have over 10000+ designs from which you can choose the perfect runner for your space.

By Colors:

Choosing the right color scheme is very important. You have to make sure that whatever color you choose blends nicely with your existing decor because a rug can make or break the space.

By Size:

Size also plays a vital role when choosing a rug. You have to take a proper measurement of the area and according to the size, you should buy.


FAQs About Runners Rugs

How long should a runner rug be?

It completely depends on the space you have. However, we suggest that taking a proper measurement will give you a perfect picture.

What is a Runner Mat?

The length of the runner mats is more than the width. They give off the impression of being long and thin, as though they would fit in a corridor. In some places, these lengthy rectangular rugs are frequently used.

What color should a hallway runner be?

The first and the most important thing before buying a hallway runner is that you have to consider your existing decor theme. And according to that select a rug.

What is the best material for runner rugs?

Between runner rugs made of natural fibers and those made of synthetic materials, you must make a decision. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately. The kind of rug you choose should be based on your requirements and the daily activities of your family.



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