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Are you considering adding an office floor carpet to your workspace? Office rugs always give calming vibes and make space more inviting. At Jaipur Rugs online, you will find modern carpet for office room and floor mat for office room. For minimalistic flair, you can go with traditional rugs, green carpets, or for eye-catching appeal, you can go with modern designer rugs.

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office rugs

Are you thinking about adding an office carpet to your workspace? Placing office rugs can make the space look more welcoming and comfortable. Office floor carpets make the office room look more organized and add colour and texture to your area. From cotton carpets to runner rugs, you can decorate your office with different kinds of office rugs and make your workspace feel more inviting. But before purchasing carpets for your office room, it's essential to choose the perfect office rug with the suitable material, colour, and pattern. Follow this mini guide to understand everything about buying office carpets!

How to transform your workspace with office rugs

Bland office interiors can cause monotony and hamper productivity. If you want to create a vibrant mood in your office and transform the space's vibe, all you have to do is place stylish office carpets. They can combine your office room, define different spaces, make the place look more prominent, and bring much-needed change with the patterns and designs. 

Benefits of Office rugs

Reduce noise levels: One of the critical benefits of office rugs is that they help reduce noise levels and make the environment calmer, quieter, and more relaxed.

Offer comfort: Office carpets provide extra cushioning, making the flooring more comfortable, especially for employees who stand for long durations. They also provide relief to employees who are pregnant or injured.

Prevents floor damage: Using office carpets can protect your floor from stains, wear, and tear. Getting a floor mat for an office room is a great way to keep your floor safe from any kind of damage.

Buy the best office rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs India

Adding rugs is the simplest and the most convenient way to spruce-up a space. All you have to do is choose the right design that matches your decor and colours that make your space look more energetic, inviting, and vibrant.

Buy the best-quality office carpets from Jaipur Rugs—the original rug maker. You can choose from a wide range of exclusive office carpets from the online store of Jaipur Rugs and revamp your workspace. You can check the office carpet price and material details to make the best investment.

Choosing the perfect office rug

When choosing office carpets, you have to ensure that you select the right material, shape, colour, size, and pattern that compliments your office decor.

By Material:

When buying office floor carpets, always use practical and durable materials that can withstand high footfalls. It's best to go for materials like wool, nylon, polyester, and acrylic as they have good resistance against stains and can be cleaned easily. 

By Design:

Office carpet designs can impact the mood of the workers and boost productivity. The design you choose directly depends on the impression that you give to the visitors and workers. However, when choosing the design for office rugs, go for softer patterns that enhance focus.

By Colours: The colors you choose depend on the decor and interiors of your office. However, it's always a good idea to go for neutral, muted, and earthy colours for office carpets. You can go for subtle shades of grey, green, brown, or blue.

By Size:

Choosing the correct size for your office rugs can be tricky. You should choose an area rug that fits both the desk as well as the chairs. For a standard computer desk, you can choose 4'x6' or 3'x5.'



How should a rug be placed in an office?

When placing an office carpet in your workspace, always make sure that you place the carpet under the front two legs of the desk. You can also place the entire rug under the desk to make the space look more organized and defined. 

What kind of rug is best for the office?

Low pile/flat weave rugs are best for offices as they allow better and easier movement for chairs. Low pile rugs are likely to get caught underneath your office chairs. Another great advantage of flatweave rugs is that they are easier to clean and are more sustainable.

Where can I buy the best office rugs online?

One of the best rug producers across the globe Jaipur Rugs has an online store. From modern carpets for living rooms to office rugs, you can find all types of rugs that can change the whole vibe of your office or home.

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