small size rugs

Don't let limited space hold you back from adding a touch of elegance to your home. Our small carpets are designed to add style and comfort to any room, big or small. The collection of Small Carpets on Jaipur Rugs is perfect for those with limited space. Whether you're looking for small rugs for your entryway oor small carpet for bedroom, we have you covered.Choose from a wide variety of small rugs that include but are not limited to distressed rugs and viscose rugs.

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small size rugs

If you've finally taken the plunge and bought that gorgeous small rug for the living room you've had your eye on, congratulations! You know you'll want to get it styled with furniture and swathes of colors before too long.

Buy small carpets online at Jaipur Rugs India

Nowadays, when our homes are little more than four walls and a roof, it is essential to create a space that feels vast and is both elegant and laid-back. You may make a space for yourself in your living room or bedroom that feels like it extends for miles by adding a small rug to the space. You can get these modern carpets online from Jaipur Rugs. We offer a wide variety of small rugs and carpets. We also offer free delivery, easy returns, and safe payment options to make buying small area rugs online easier for you.

Renovate your interior with our best small rugs

The days of large and expansive buildings with smooth wall surfaces are now over. Today, people want a compact living space, which is why small rugs are gaining popularity. These small rugs for the bedroom can also be used as mats and they come in a variety of colors too! You can use small outdoor rugs under tables or chairs for seating in an open floor plan setting. Put them under a console or other decorative piece on your buffet table or other seating furniture and planter. Get creative - combine different colors of small round rugs to create a design color scheme for your room...or mix modern and traditional by using one color in several spots in your room.

Different types of Small carpets and Weaving Techniques at Jaipur Rugs


Weavers create a hand-knotted small rug by tying knots in a symmetrical pattern to produce a pile. Hand-knotted wool rugs have an unmatched level of quality in terms of their appearance, with dense, rich designs that make them a fantastic choice for any home or business setting.

Hand Tufted:  

Pushing threads into a fabric foundation creates hand-tufted rugs. Then, the tufts are fixed in place by using glue and backing fabric. In addition to being durable due to their texture, hand-tufted area rugs are soft and comfortable. Small grey rugs are quite favored under the category to style in a variety of settings.

Hand Loom:

Handloom small rugs are made on a loom with a weft that is woven between the warp, which is secured by the loom, and a canvas backing. They have a low to medium pile. You can choose small handloom floral carpets to style any reading nook.

Flat Weaves:

Small rugs falling under the category are woven as opposed to knotted. They often have low or no piles at all. They are excellent options for individuals seeking inexpensive makeovers. Since they are sturdy and lightweight, you can frequently move the furniture around to change the visuals of your living room. Kilim rugs are definitely popular under the category.


Incorporating patchwork small rugs in your spaces is a creative way to freshen up your home’s aesthetic. These rugs can also help make a statement on how you want your room to feel as they come in many colors and unique textures. You can even incorporate a small bathroom rug with patchwork and a rug pad to rejuvenate its interiors.


A small shag rug is a quick and easy way to spruce up your living area. It's long-lasting, provides excellent cushioning, and it's overall beautiful. A small carpet for the bedroom is perfect for smaller living spaces like condos or apartments as it doesn't take up too much space and it's easy to clean.

 Why buy small rugs from Jaipur Rugs India?

Small rugs are best purchased from Jaipur Rugs because we have been in business for over 40 years, provide 10,000 designs, have 1000 colors, and guarantee quality. Additionally, you will find variation like nowhere else in our wide selection of small rugs, which come in a range of shapes like round and rectangular, and materials ranging from small jute rugs to silk carpets. As an added bonus, we also provide free shipping and simple returns, giving you plenty of time to make your decision without having to pay anything more or wait for the rug to be ready for return if you decide otherwise. Finally, Jaipur Rugs is regarded as one of the top producers of small rugs and carpets, and we make it easy for you to have them delivered anywhere in India.



What is the smallest rug size available at Jaipur Rugs?

2x3 ft is the smallest rug size available at Jaipur Rugs.

How much do small rugs cost?

Prices of small rugs at Jaipur Rugs vary from Rs 1,500 to Rs 4,50,000.

Where do you put a small area rug?

If you're looking at putting carpeting in your living area, then a small rug might work better on its own rather than as part of an extensive patterned design with other large rugs or carpets nearby. The reason for this is that a small rug may look out of place and give the impression that it just doesn't 'fit' with the rest of your room's decor.


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