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Bring eco-friendly vibes to your space with earthy, rich textures of jute carpet and jute runner. Mix and match blue carpets with round rugs to make your room look bigger. Jute runners are a perfect outdoor rug for high-traffic areas.

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Everyone has a unique way of adorning their flooring. Rugs are commonly used to partition a space, establish a theme, or remove it entirely and switch for other rugs. Jute Rugs can swiftly transform your space with a soft, luxurious, and eye-catching appearance.

Jute is a natural fiber that India is widely known for. Our country is a champion in making myriad products out of jute, and rugs are one of those. Jute comes from the hessian plant and is a durable and hardy fiber. They provide warmth and insulate the room while also muffling sound. As far as aesthetic value goes, area rugs and runners made from jute automatically add warmth and an organic neutral tone to any home.

Explore different styles of Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are made from natural fibers. Because of their raw appearance, they transform the definition of a complete room, giving you the sensation of life as it is. Furthermore, they provide a portal for you to investigate options to play with the room setting. They may mix with a rustic aesthetic while standing out in a contemporary setting. Jute carpets may be used with a variety of home decorations. You may pair them with other components such as brown cushions, a bamboo couch, or even dried flowers to get started. There are three types of modern jute rugs available in the market;

Modern Jute Rugs:

Modern jute rugs are contemporary designs with patterns and colors that can be "soft" or "hard." Contemporary rugs, which are generally distinguished by stark contrasts, also favor geometrics and free-form or abstract styled elements. For a minimalistic flair, you can also put a round jute rug over modern shaggy carpets.

Traditional Jute Rugs:

If you want to add class and sophistication, then consider buying traditional jute rugs. You can layer them over woolen carpets for added warmth and comfort. They are typically associated with traditional Oriental or Persian patterns, as well as traditional European or Victorian patterns.

Transitional Jute Rugs:

The transitional rugs showcase traditional designs with a modern aesthetic charm. These types of rugs fall between traditional and modern rugs and can drastically change your home decor.

Explore different types of Jute Rugs

Hand-Knotted Rugs:

Hand-knotted rugs are more expensive than handloom carpets as they are more complex and time-consuming to make. As the name implies, hand-knotted rugs are made by knotting thousands or millions of knots together to make a piece of art that lasts generations.

Hand Loom Rugs:

This method is best for rugs and gives the carpet a printed finish. If the carpet must be designed with multiple colors, the yarn color must be changed at the appropriate places to help create the final design. Handloom rugs begin with a loop pile and are then cut to create a cut pile. Intermixing loop and cut pile gives the rugs a distinct color effect, especially for bamboo silk, because the shine of the color varies along the length of the yarn as opposed to the tip.

Flat Weave Rugs:

A flatweave is an essentially thick cotton or wool cloth. A Dhurrie is an Indian flatweave, whereas a Kilim is Persian. These rugs are made by interlacing warp and weft threads, much like textiles. They are mobile, versatile, long-lasting, and inexpensive, allowing for a wide variety of weaving patterns, designs, and colors.

Latest Jute Rugs Designs In Different Shapes

While rectangular carpets for living room are the most popular style in interior design, round rugs can be fantastic for decorating a dining room floor, and irregular-shaped rugs can be used to showcase your personality. When it comes to selecting the right shape, it is critical to understand and know the functionality of their interior. Rectangular rugs are intended to cover large surface areas, round rugs are typically designed to fit smaller spaces, whereas irregular-shaped rugs uplift the overall appearance.

Rectangle Jute Rugs:

Since ancient times, rectangular rugs are used to add color, texture, and patterns to a space. The rectangular rugs are known as functional floor art that contributes to the mood or character of a room.

Round Jute Rugs:

Looking for a simple way to bring a space together? Round jute rugs might be the best method to do this. Jute provides natural color and warmth to any environment and plenty of design and functionality. For example, a rug may preserve wooden floors while keeping your feet warm; it can anchor an intimate sitting arrangement.

Irregular Jute Rugs:

Why not make a bold statement with your flooring? Using an amazing rug to create a focal point is an excellent way to center space. Because rugs are commonly used in gathering spaces and have the added benefit of bringing people together, selecting an irregular-shaped jute rug is a surefire conversation starter.



Are jute rugs good?

Since jute rugs are made of 100% organic materials - they are durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

How to clean a jute rug?

It is very easy to clean jute rugs since they are waterproof and don't soak up water like other rugs. Use a mild detergent made for cleaning natural fibers, mix it with water and wipe it on the impacted area and wipe it with a paper towel or a cloth.

Is Jute a good rug material?

Jute rugs are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to clean. So, if you want trendy and affordable flooring in your home, jute carpet is the way to go.



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