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Upgrade your stairways in the best possible way with stair runner carpet and carpet for steps here at Jaipur Rugs. Create sweeping style and statement steps with our extensive range of woollen carpets, large rugs, and yellow rugs to suit every interior color scheme and aesthetic. Sink your toes into our collection of best carpet for stairs and elevate the overall flair of your space. You can also mix and match stair runner or stair rug with hallway runners for an elevated appeal.

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stair rugs

How to pick the right stair carpets for your home

Decorating your home with modern design carpets is always a good idea. But did you know that adding such a vibrant canvas of modern art to your staircase can enrich the ambience and upgrade its entire look? Stair rugs, also called stair runners or carpet for steps, can transform the look of your staircase and complement the mood of your place, making it look superior and classy. Follow this mini guide to dive into the world of stair carpets and understand how to pick the right stair carpet for your home.

Decorate your Stair and Hallways with Stair carpets

Be it shaggy carpets or cotton carpets, we love how they warm up our space and make our home look more vibrant. For example, bedroom rugs make your room look more spacious and add texture and pattern. It brings life to your room and makes it look connected. Stair carpets, on the other hand, provide traction that makes it safer to walk and prevents falls. They also add style to your home and make it look more elegant and classy.

Stair carpets are a go-to choice for anyone who likes adding a certain mood and feel to their home, and often, shows their artistic side through their interiors. Stair carpets not only anchor the furniture but make the space more cohesive.

When we look at the lavish and stunning homes of popular Bollywood celebrities, we see their staircases covered with artistic stair carpets that add more charm and elegance to their house. From Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia to Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat, these mesmerizing homes entice us to add this kind of charisma to our homes by adding stair carpets.

Transform the look of your home by adding stylish and unique stair carpets. You can also elevate the hallways of your home by placing designer stair carpets that match the mood of your home decor.

However, there are several factors one should keep in mind before buying stair carpets for the staircase. The material and design should be chosen as per the amount of footfall, weather conditions, and the interiors of your home. Stair runner carpets should also be chosen keeping in mind the interiors of your home.

Explore various styles of stair rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs India

From modern stair carpets to Oriental-style traditional stair carpets, you will find the best carpet for stairs at the online store of Jaipur Rugs India.


Stair carpets that have abstract or geometric designs with numerous elements inspired by modern trends are called modern stair carpets. These are best suited for contemporary-style homes with unconventional interiors. You can buy the best modern stair carpets at Jaipur Rugs.


These kinds of stair carpets are like Oriental and Persian style rugs that have been hand-knotted by skilled and experienced weavers with their hands on a special loom. Traditional stair carpets can bring luxury to your space and make your home look more comfortable.


If you want stair carpets with both traditional and modern design elements, go for transitional stair carpets. They are suitable for both modern and vintage-style homes and are available in natural and synthetic fibers.

How to choose the best stair carpet?

By design

When choosing the design for stair carpets, it is a good idea to choose patterned carpet runners as they are available in numerous colours and designs. However, you must keep in mind that while some patterns are more suitable for flat surfaces such as the hallway, other patterns work best on a curved or winding staircase.

By Material:

When looking for stair carpets with durable material, you can always choose wool. It is best known for its softness and durability and also prevents staining. If the staircase is located outside the house, you should choose Indoor-outdoor rugs. These are made from materials like polyester, synthetic, polypropylene, Nylon, etc that can withstand outdoor weather like monsoons.

For the staircase located in the inner courtyard, you can buy rugs made from 100% polypropylene (also called olefin rugs). They are perfectly suited for indoor courtyards as they do not grow mold if exposed to water or any other liquid form.

 By colours

The colour of your stair carpet should be selected keeping in mind the colours of the walls of your home, the furniture, and other decor elements. If you are placing the stair carpet in your hallway, make sure that it complements the curtains of the hallway.

By size

It is extremely important to keep in mind the dimensions of your stairs while choosing the designs for your rugs. While floral, abstract or geometric designs are more suitable for small staircases, solid designs are best for staircases with big dimensions.



What kind of rug do you use for stairs?

You should use synthetic nylon rugs for your stairs as they offer both safety and strength. While picking modern rugs for your staircase, you must keep in mind the location of your staircase. If the staircase is located at the house entrance, you should buy rugs with durable materials like wool and bamboo silk as there are too many footfalls on the staircase at the entrance of your house.

How much does it cost to put carpet on stairs?

The average cost to put carpets on stairs can be anywhere between  INR 250 to 400 per square foot. It also depends on the size of your stairs, carpet material, and patterns. You can buy affordable stair carpets at Jaipur Rugs India.

Where can I buy the best stair carpets online?

If you want to buy stylish, durable, and affordable stair carpets for your home or office, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs India. You can choose from our fine collection of stair carpets that have been woven by skilled artisans from different Indian cities. You can find hand-knotted and tufted carpets at pocket-friendly rates and a number of materials to choose from.

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