green rugs

Balanced and soothing, green carpet for floor reminds us of nature and helps us to feel calm and grounded. Rich greens bedroom carpet feels lusher and more verdant, while bright green floor carpet and light green outdoor carpet are energetic in their appeal. Green outdoor carpet is also perfect for making your space more inviting to visitors. Green carpet for living room has many options, like - geometric rugs, abstract rugs, and modern green rugs. We have a variety of green carpet prices from which you can choose the desired one for your space.

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green rugs

Green Carpets

Green, the second-most popular color in the world, has long been a mainstay in traditional and now contemporary spaces. Being in the middle of the color wheel, green blends well with both warm and cool colors in any space. While there are many ways to include it in your home decor, green carpets are surely the winner bringing the serenity of this cool color and undeniable underfoot comfort. Usually associated with nature and the natural world, the color green also symbolizes peace, luck, health, and energy.

Buy green carpets online at Jaipur Rugs

We can all agree that handmade rugs look noticeably nicer and are more environmentally friendly than machine-made rugs. Once you introduce them into your home, there is no turning back from their alluring beauty. At Jaipur Rugs, you can choose from a large selection of handmade green carpets for the floor.

Our area carpets are handcrafted with the highest quality natural fiber yarns. We place a strong emphasis on sustainability as well as ethical labor practices and helping India's rural artisans. Our wide selection of green floor carpets is carefully chosen to complement various styles of interior design. Available in a variety of styles ranging from oriental to abstract, as well as in a variety of materials like wool and silk and shapes like round and rectangular, our extensive range of green carpets is certain to enthrall you.

Types of green carpets

There are several varieties of handmade rugs based on their weaving technique. Jaipur Rugs, your one-stop carpet destination has a wide variety of area rugs to offer, including hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and hand-loom rugs and runners.


A hand-knotted rug is made by tying knots in a pattern that is symmetrical to create a pile. Hand-knotted carpets are considered by many to be the most beautiful and timeless of all green carpets for the living room. The look of a hand-knotted carpet is unparalleled in quality, with the dense and rich patterns that make it an excellent choice for any home or office space. Best suited for places with higher traffic like the living room, dining area, etc. Handknotted green outdoor carpet is a great pick for the patio as well.

Hand Tufted

: Hand-tufted rugs are made by pushing yarns into a fabric base. Applying adhesive and backing fabric fixes the tufts in position after that. Hand tufted area rugs are soft and comfortable on top of providing durability through their texture. A green hand tufted woolen rug is just what you need for your living or office space where you will be spending most of your time. Ideal for places with less footfall like bedrooms. When compared to hand-knotted rugs, green carpet prices often range much lower for the category, making them a fantastic choice for a tight-budget makeover.

Hand Loom:

Handloom rugs are made on a loom with a weft that is woven between the warp, which is secured by the loom, and a canvas backing. They have a low to medium pile. A green handloom rug works well as a focal point in a master bedroom or as a design element in a living area. Not appropriate for areas with heavy traffic.

Various green carpet styles at Jaipur Rugs?

What style will you be choosing while incorporating the rich shade of green? Traditional, modern, or transitional? Do not worry if you are still unsure.


Modern carpets are frequently connected with minimalism and basic, elegant patterns that keep your space feeling refined and uncomplicated. Choose from our diverse collection of modern green rugs with striking contrasts to go with a range of structural, geometric, and free-form styles.


The best elements of classic and modern design are combined in transitional carpets. They incorporate fashion-forward designs and modern color palettes while drawing influence from the traditional floor rugs' designs.


Traditional rugs are influenced by either European and Victorian designs or Oriental and Persian patterns. Traditional rugs' aesthetic appeal and ability to give a space personality cannot be disputed. Additionally, when designed in the color green, carpets and runners tend to infuse any space with a sense of freshness, making it much more calming.

FAQs about green carpets

How much does a green carpet cost?

With us, you can choose green carpets at a range of prices to suit any spending plan. From a traditional vintage hand-knotted woolen rug that costs approximately 16,00,000 to cotton flat-weaves that cost around 3,000, there are rugs to suit every budget and need.

What are the trendy colors of carpets?

People often seek comforting textures and hues after tumultuous periods of covid. The texture of a velvety, soft carpet is immensely comforting. Trends are rapidly adopting softer hues like gray, green, and blue.

How do you make a green carpet look good in a room?

There are numerous methods to style your green carpet so that it looks beautiful in your room. One method to prevent it from standing out too much is to place furniture, artwork, or décor in light colors. To make your area pop with color, you may also use an accent hue. Brown or blue furnishings, for instance, look best with your green carpet. Additionally, you can include the color scheme by getting new throw pillows.

Is green carpet fashionable?

When choosing a color palette for your interiors, green is undoubtedly the in-vogue mainstay. The color green has the most variations of any other in terms of hue. From turquoise and aqua to lime, a yellow-green, they come in a variety of tones. Given that we are so accustomed to seeing it everywhere, green, which is the most prevalent color in nature, is a great background for interior design. In addition, green complements practically everything, making decisions about furniture, materials, and décor simple. Green in the layout, especially green rugs, instantly cleans and freshens the area.



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