graphic rugs

Make a statement in your home with our bold and colorful Graphic Rugs. Graphic carpet is perfect for adding a touch of modern flair to your space, with their eye-catching designs and bright hues. Designs can consist of geometric patterns, people, or wildly abstract concepts. It is ideal for the fashion-forward home decorator, because these graphic area rugs are a great way to make a room pop with energy and personality. You can shop distressed rugs and oval rugs with graphics on them, and let them bring your room alive.

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graphic rugs

As centerpieces or as less noticeable accents, graphic rugs are perfect for any space. They will liven up an otherwise monotonous area in seconds.

What are graphic rugs, and what makes them so unique?

Graphic carpets are an expression of modern art and design that combines the best of your personal taste in decor with the creative craftsmanship. They are specially knotted, or woven designs that do not use any tapestry or needlework. Graphic area rugs can be crafted using hand-dyed yarn, giving them a textural depth that you might not find in traditional designs. This combination makes for a stunning feature without being distracting to everyday life. If you love fashion and design, cool graphic rugs may offer many advantages over traditional floor coverings.

Buy beautiful designer graphic rugs online at Jaipur Rugs India

What type of graphic design rugs are best? Where should they go to my home? Should I go with classic black and white graphic rugs or play around with colors? At Jaipur Rugs, your one-stop rug outlet, you can get all of your questions addressed. We offer more options in graphic rugs than ever before to find what works for your budget, style, and home decorating needs: from shaggy rugs to kilim rugs to wool-blend opthekkions that mimic sheepskin pelt textures. We are India's largest manufacturer of handmade rugs, exporting regional workmanship to markets throughout the world. Along with safe payment methods and simple returns policies, we provide free shipping on all handcrafted graphic rugs and carpets.

Explore different styles of graphic rugs available at Jaipur Rugs India

Graphic rugs are really popular; we can't help but notice them everywhere. And as much as we adore them, we can't think of a more striking way to demonstrate it than through our extensive collection, which includes graphic rugs and carpets in three different styles:

Modern rugs:

Consider using contemporary graphic rugs for a bedroom that has basic furnishings but lacks individuality. You'll be astounded at how modern geometric rugs or striped carpets can make your furniture look instantly more stylish and alive.

Traditional rugs:

Adding colorful accents to your living area is essential, regardless of the season. Your home can become cozier and more inviting by incorporating the hues of traditional graphic wool rugs, especially during the winter.

Transitional rugs:

A living room can be creatively decorated with transitional graphic prints to add color or accent furnishings. This design of the living room and bedroom rugs has a playful, artistic quality. Transitional modern graphic rugs instantly transform a room, giving it an artwork ambiance.



Where to place graphic rugs?

Whether you're looking for something to make your living room stand out or want to spice up the bedroom with a little extra color and fun, graphic modern rugs can be just the right thing! It's an easy way to add some flair and personality without making any major changes.

How do you wash graphic rugs?

A fantastic approach to keep your rug spotless is to vacuum it once every two weeks. Vacuuming will take care of any excess dust that you weren't able to remove with a broom or by beating. If there are stains, wipe the area instead of rubbing the spilled substance. Every one to two years, professional cleaning is advised.

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