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If you are a first-time apartment owner or homeowner in your youth, you must be new to the decorating game. Sure, there are millions of different decorating ideas that you can find on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms. But, one thing you cannot forget in your new place is 3 x 5 rugs. A 3x5 feet carpet is arguably the smoothest decorating intervention for any area because a 90x150 rug can add lavishness and value.

How to choose the right 90x150 rug for your home?

By Material

90x150cm carpet on the Jaipur Rugs India website is available in Jute and Hemp, Wool and Viscose, Bamboo, and even cotton. You cannot go wrong with selecting any of these materials because they will arrive at your new place with quality, strength, and vitality.

By Design

3x5 ft rug-like clothes, come in tons of pretty designs. If you are looking for a particular vibe that presents elegance and sophistication, then you may want to browse our curation of flower carpets, distressed, abstract, and solid carpets. These solutions will play an instrumental role in the design of your residence.

By Colours

Once you identify a color theme for your new place, then it would be applicable to select a 3x5 feet rug to align with your palette selection. It is much easier to pick a rug after you have styled a room. So depending on whether you went with a neutral or flamboyant presentation, look at our blue carpet, gold, purple, and multi-color carpet. You can filter your search down by material, design, and color to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with options.

By Size

If you are needing a small rug to check out 60x90, a medium rug then a 90x150 cm rug is your go-to option, or a large rug then a 300x420 will be your friend.

Placement of 90x150 rugs

A 90x150 rug is offered as a round carpet in our online store. Round carpets of this size will fit nicely in your bedroom. Rather than having a boring bedroom with merely a bed and a few dressers for your clothes, bedroom carpet can be an excellent idea to create a vivacious environment.



How big is a 90x150cm rug?

90x150 cm carpet is in between a small and medium size rug. You can compare it to a hallway runner that fits skinny rectangular spaces in your home without a problem.

What is a standard rug size?

The standard rug size is a 3x5 ft carpet.

How do you tell if a rug is too small for a room?

When you walk into a room, you will be able to tell if a rug looks out of place. By trusting your gut, you will walk into a room and question why something seems off. If you recently placed a new rug, then this is probably the issue. However, do not panic because you can easily rearrange the room and place the rug at an angle or other piece of furniture to fix the issue.

What size is a 3x5 ft rug?

A 3x5 ft rug also comes in the size of a 90x150 rug.

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