Geometric Rugs

Add a touch of modern style to your home with our collection of Geometric Rugs. These rugs are the perfect choice for a sleek and sophisticated look, with their clean lines and bold patterns. They are ideal for a minimalist or contemporary space. Because they are they can make a statement in any room by complementing various decor that are sprawled throughout the place. If you really want to get funky with it, then silk rugs or black rugs are a great way to leverage a geometric concep to bring out depth and substance within your space.

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geometric rugs

Shop best geometric rugs online

When purchasing a rug, it is important that you ensure you are buying a rug that is made with quality, is durable, and meets your design expectations. The best place to purchase a geometric rug that meets all three expectations is at Jaipur Rugs. Our family business handcrafts all geometric pattern carpets and geometric patterned rugs to ensure excellence and to meet the quality needs of our customers.

Explore different styles of geometric rugs available at Jaipur Rugs India

At Jaipur Rugs India, we have the highest quality geometric rugs for sale. You can choose geometric carpets from our selection of modern, traditional, and transitional styles. Find out more about our geometric rug styles below. Additionally, cotton rugs, tufted carpet, and carpet runners can act as lavish accent decor in addition to your geometric area rug. Browse our selection today to find what you are looking for.

Modern Rugs

Modern design carpets are popular contemporary pieces that are considered the best carpet for living room. They are often designed with few solid colors and with geometric shapes, which contributes to their simplicity in nature.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional or ‘Oriental’ rugs consist of intricate colors and design compositions that originate from the Middle East and Asian heritages. They are often handwoven from animal skin, silk, wool, or cotton.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. From the classic designs of ‘oriental’ rugs to contemporary offerings, transitional rugs offer you numerous designs and color schemes to choose from.

Why buy geometric rugs from Jaipur Rugs

Geometric rugs from Jaipur Rugs consist of luxurious piles that are made from the finest blend of natural, raw materials. They are one of the more popular modern styles we have to offer. The geometric area rugs are incredibly sophisticated rugs made from the best materials that are durable for years. It is an excellent choice if you are looking to diversify your decor and add warmth to your living room, den, or dining area.



Are geometric rugs popular?

Geometric carpets are one of the finer choices in rug selection. Along with abstract rugs, geometric carpets carry similar popularity in modern, contemporary houses across the globe. They are extremely versatile which means they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the right geometric rug can complement a space or stand out and define it.

What is the starting price range of geometric rugs?

Starting prices of geometric rugs at Jaipur Rugs India are $52. An affordable price for all looking to spice up their place with a stylistic geometric carpet.

What are the different sizes of geometric rugs available at Jaipur Rugs?

There are over a dozen different sizes of geometric rugs available at Jaipur Rugs. Below are a list of rug dimensions that we currently offer for a rectangular, round, runner, and square shapes:

●        2x3

●        3x5

●        4x6

●        5x8

●        6x9

●        8x10

●        9x12

●        10x14

●        12x15

●        Oversize Rugs

●        5 Dia Round

●        6 Dia Round

●        10 Dia Round

●        Runner

●        Square



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Rugs Price
tnq-1506 ivory hand tufted Rugs ₹49,350
aiwl-3010 gold hand knotted Rugs ₹1,54,350
tahn-7078 grey and black hand tufted Rugs ₹98,700
tac-4538 multi hand tufted Rugs ₹19,950
taq-186 grey and black hand tufted Rugs ₹33,600
dwrm-119 blue flat weaves Rugs ₹16,800
jw06 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs ₹9,600
ptwl-317 grey and black hand tufted Rugs ₹24,780
tnq-378 grey and black hand tufted Rugs ₹33,450
aiwl-3011 gold hand knotted Rugs ₹2,60,820
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