Round Rugs

Jaipur Rug's collection of round carpets, circular rugs, and round mats will elevate your room's overall appearance. Round rugs online come in different spaces, designs, and patterns. Round bedroom rugs and circular carpets are best to buy because they will make your room look bigger. You can use runner rugs in your hallways or distress rugs to amp up the flair of the space.

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round rugs

Round Rugs

Despite the unique decoration possibilities that they offer, round rugs remain an uncommon choice among homeowners. Whether it is to highlight a curved layout in your space or emphasize the symmetry in your home, round rugs are sure to take your style quotient a notch higher. If you are redecorating your space or starting from scratch, you should surely consider buying round rugs. At Jaipur Rugs, you are sure to find the best range of round rugs and carpets for living room, bedrooms, and even runners for your corridors and hallways.

Buy round rugs and carpets online in India

Buying rugs & carpets online is going to make searching for your perfect rug easier. You can search according to your budget, style or color preference, size, or any other criteria, and get them delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Get free delivery, secure payment, and even easy returns if you don’t end up liking your purchase. If you are looking for round rugs online, Jaipur Rugs is the only brand that you need to look at. With more than forty-four years of expertise in weaving the best circular rugs, you can shop with ease when you shop with Jaipur Rugs.

Select from Wide Range of Round Rugs Online

Round rugs come in all sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you are looking for a round mat to craft a quiet study corner in your bedroom or an oversized circular carpet for the center of your living room or office space, a warm rich shade for a traditional space, or a basic color for a minimal-looking space, browse from our wide range of round rugs online and you will surely find a design that is just right for you.

Modern rugs

Modern rugs make for a wonderful addition to contemporary spaces. These rugs are characterized by their minimal and sometimes abstract designs and patterns, and even their colors. Modern rugs usually come in futuristic cool colors that are designed to match well with concrete and tiled floors. Round rugs in modern styles will make for a wonderful addition to a contemporary 21st-century space.

Traditional rugs

If vintage or traditional decor is your style, traditional rugs will make for a wonderful addition to your space. These styles are characterized by rugs with borders and medallion or floral designs in rich colors like oak, rust, green, gold, or silver. Round rugs and carpets in traditional designs make for wonderful centerpieces and dining tables or furniture. 

Transitional rugs

Transitional rugs come in a wide range of designs and make the best of traditional designs for modern spaces. These often feature over-dyed or hued designs, or even faded designs. Round rugs in transitional styles are great for contemporary homeowners who don’t want to miss out on the traditional look of their space.

Placement of Round Carpets

Round rugs are incredibly versatile and can be used to decorate a space in many ways. Use them in over-large sizes as centerpieces in your living room or bedrooms, especially if you have a circular or square layout. Round rugs and round carpets highlight the symmetric aspect of a space excellently. If large sizes are not for you, opt for smaller-sized round rugs and use them to delineate and demarcate the different areas in a space. For example, you can create a reading corner near your favorite chair with a rug that is 3 or 4 feet across. Spreading out one under your dining table in your living room instantly separates the space as a dining space.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Round Rugs

At Jaipur Rugs, we have been weaving the highest-quality handmade rugs for more than four decades. Our artisans are spread across India and we take pride in sustaining a timeless craft. We have a wide range of round rugs and carpets in various sizes, designs, and colors. No matter what the mood of your space is, we assure you that we have a round rug that will be just right for it. Not just round rugs, we have more than 10,000 rugs in-stock, ready to ship. So whether it is a royal red carpet or green carpets for a rich touch, or even jute rugs for your outdoor space, trust us to bring the best to your home with just a few clicks.

FAQs about round rugs

Where do round rugs look good?

Round rugs are quite versatile and can be used in most living or professional spaces. Use a round rug in the center of your circular or square rooms to bring out its symmetry. 

How big should a round rug be in a living room?

Round rugs come in various sizes and can be used as required. For a standard living room, oversized round rugs of 8 to 10 feet in diameter will always fit well. For smaller spaces, opt for round rugs less than 6 feet in diameter.

What size round rug goes under a dining room table?

The size of your round rug will always depend on the size of your dining table. As a rule of thumb, your rug should extend 2 feet from the edges of your dining table. So for a table 6 feet in diameter, a rug between 8 to 10 feet in diameter will work well.

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