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There's no better way to add luxury to your home than with modern design carpets. Contemporary rugs bring warmth, comfort, and style to any room. Carpet modern design includes geometric rugs, and solid rugs, abstract rugs & more. Modern design carpets are a perfect fit for a lot of spaces and settings. Modern rugs India at Jaipur Rugs are so soft and plush that you'll be amazed by their quality. Explore our collection which includes both modern carpet & traditional area rugs. Shop contemporary rugs India now and get free doorstep delivery.

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modern rugs

Find the Best Modern Rugs Online in India

Find the best modern rugs in India from Jaipur rugs with different weaving techniques, materials, designs, colors, and sizes.

Different Types of Modern Carpets and Weaving Techniques at Jaipur Rugs

Hand Knotted

Artisans who are highly proficient in utilizing ancient methods create hand-knotted rugs. They are distinctive and are woven on a loom, one knot at a time with materials such as wool, silk, bamboo, and cotton. Modern designer carpets have flatter piles and the number of knots per square inch at the back of these carpets determines their quality.

Hand Tufted

The first step in creating a hand-tufted carpet is a canvas stretched on a frame. Then, with the help of a tufting tool, artisans punch strands of yarn into the canvas, on which they trace the design. This requires less skill, effort, and time when compared to hand-knotted carpets. You can easily identify hand-tufted rugs with a scrim backing on the reverse side.

Hand Loom

The weaving process in the handloom is like handloom textiles. As they weave the carpet on a loom, the loom holds the vertical threads (warp) in place and allows the interweaving of horizontal strings (weft). This method gives the carpet a printed finish and is effortless.

Flat Weaves

Flat weave rugs are made by interlocking vertical threads and horizontal threads. A flat weave is a thick piece of wool or cotton clothing. Because of contemporary rugs in India's mobility, versatility, and durability, a wide variety of designs, weaving patterns, and colors have been developed.


Patchwork rugs are created by combining many small hand-knotted rug pieces into a single rug. Although the design pattern is the product of various patched combinations, the rug is still in one piece.


Shaggy carpets are a type of carpet that appears to be highly textured and messy but are quite beautiful. These rugs come in distinct styles and have irregular piles that give them a cluttered, rough appearance. The utilization of a range of exotic materials gives these rugs a distinctive appearance.

How to choose the right modern rugs for your home?

Choosing the right modern contemporary rugs for your home depends on your use, budget, lifestyle, interior decor, and personalized interests. Here are a few tips to choose from a variety of materials, designs, colors, and sizes of Jaipur rugs.

By Material

Modern design carpets are made of distinct natural and synthetic materials, including wool, silk, bamboo silk, viscose, Jute/Hemp, or other fibers. Wool, an incredibly resilient natural fiber, absorbs moisture, repels soil, and is fire-resistant. Choosing the right bedroom carpet for your bedroom remains warm in winter and is an excellent option for colder spaces. Silk and Bamboo silk/Viscose rugs are often softer, anti-microbial, and elegant, whereas Jute rugs are coarse and are suitable for high-traffic areas.

By Design

Carpet modern designs range from plain rugs to complex designs and styles. Depending on your interior decor, select contemporary, sophisticated patterns for a sense of style to create relaxed spaces. Simple plain textured modern rugs give a feeling of simplicity, while designs with leaves and flowers create a calm and relaxing room, bringing outdoor nature inside.

By Colors

Each distinctive color sets the mood, enhancing the interior decor. You can choose modern rugs with base neutral or contrasting colors depending on the color of your flooring, cushion covers, and furniture. While lighter, neutral colors are wholesome and peaceful, dark richer colors feel robust and inviting. You can select carpets for living room as per your usage and function.

By Size

The sizes of modern rugs range from small to medium to large and are even available in round carpets. For larger rooms with central furniture, wide rugs are suitable to cover the furnishings. If the room is small with little equipment, then small rugs are an ideal solution. You can also place two over two rugs if your living room is large.


What is a contemporary rug?

Inspired by modern art, contemporary rugs in India constitute vibrant colors, abstract designs, and free-form elements. As a self-expression, they also include retro patterns, bolder shades, and daring contrasts.

What makes a rug modern?

A rug can be modern as per pattern and design. Patterns like abstract art, 3-Dimensional, patchwork, and watercolor can adorn your modern room decor. The modern rug design is new, abstract, and boundary-pushing -geometric, distressed, and mid-century modern.

How do you style a modern rug?

Modern rugs are fantastic for giving your homes and other private rooms a luxurious feel with a texture, tone, and cutting-edge design.

Rugs Price
taq-104 gold hand tufted Rugs ₹24,780
dw-225 multi flat weaves Rugs ₹14,700
aiwl-3010 gold hand knotted Rugs ₹1,54,350
hwv-2000 ivory hand loom Rugs ₹17,640
taq-4309 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs ₹73,920
aiwl-3011 gold hand knotted Rugs ₹2,60,820
dw-121 gold flat weaves Rugs ₹14,700
top-7014 multi hand tufted Rugs ₹35,910
tlt-655 blue hand tufted Rugs ₹19,950
tpl-55 blue hand tufted Rugs ₹2,990
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