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Buying your next 120x180 rug can be such an overwhelming feeling. There is nothing more stressful than trying to dress your house up to impress your friends and feel comfortable in your own home. But, the one thing to know is that 4x6 rugs are your friend. Jaipur Rugs India offers multiple different kinds of 120x180 carpets that can ease the stressful discovery process. We do this so that your shopping experience is as comfortable as possible and so that you have options for online carpet. As a buyer, there is no better feeling than being able to do all of your carpet 120x180 browsings and shopping in one place!

Explore various styles of 120x180 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs India


A progressive 4x6 feet carpet is a great option if you live in a sleek, urban, and simple residence. A 120x180cm rug in this style is something that will provide you with great external value and truly impress your friends. Its symmetrical orientation, colors of blue and grey carpets, and youthful appearance are what make this kind of rug stand out in a unique way. Consider buying an abstract, grey rug 120x180 today!


If you find yourself interested in jazz music, classical movies, and old books then an oriental 4x6 ft rug may be the best rug for you. Consuming this traditional rug that measures 120x180 rug in feet can satisfy that classical itch that you have been needing for quite some time.


Between the urban appeal and classical presentation of modern and traditional rugs respectively, perhaps a 4x6 feet rug that contains a transitional blend will be perfect for you. A 120x180 rug that contains transitional design principles, will combine the standards of modern and traditional rugs together. This is so that it creates a new category of rugs for individuals that are either indecisive or looking for something different.



Where do you put a 4x6 rug?

No one wants to sit outside on a summer day on their patio and experience the bland, unsustaining appearance of the outside of their home. A 120x180 rug that is also round carpet can easily freshen up the place with ease. An outdoor rug is such an underrated addition that is often overlooked by many. Several people think that an outdoor rug 120 x 180 does not work outdoors because it will get ruined quickly. However, that is not the case. An outdoor rug 120x180 prides itself on being durable, versatile, and flimsy. This allows it to be manipulated, move indoors and outdoors quickly, as well as resist many different weather climates.

How big is a 120x180cm rug?

120x180 cm rugs are considered medium-sized rugs. In feet, this rug equals 4x6 ft and can be compared to the size of an office desk. However you choose to place a 120x180 rug, you should have no problem putting it anywhere. Truly, a 120x180 rug can be a perfect size if you are working with a budget and are not a fan of oversize rugs.

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