handloom rugs

Leverage traditional charge within your home by purchasing our beautiful collection of Handloom Carpets. Similar to hand tufted rugs, handloom rugs are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. With rich colors and intricate designs, they are the perfect choice for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room. Even many of our clients consider traditional carpets a work of art themselve.s Furthermore, we mostly offer cotton handloom rugs, but we also offer other materials as well. Such as visocse, jute, silk, shag rugs, and more.

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handloom rugs

Bring Home Handloom Rugs to Add Color and Character

Depending on the room that you are decorating, handloom carpet rugs offer you the opportunity to add color and character to the room. For bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, carpets handloom can provide a warm and neutral undertone perfect for the bedroom as it promotes a calm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, handloom rugs made from silk can set your room apart by providing a vibrant shiny finish with fortifying patterns that pair well with vases, paintings, and other accent decors in the room.

Choose from a wide variety of handloomed rugs

At Jaipur Rugs, there is a wide variety of handloomed rugs to choose from. We offer cotton handloom rugs, hand loomed wool rugs, hand loomed cotton rugs, and all kinds of handloom carpets online. You can search a wide variety of styles such as modern, transitional, and traditional in addition to different colors such as blue, red, green, and ivory

Additionally, if you are looking for other accent pieces to support your handloom carpet in your new space, we suggest looking at modern rugs, runner rugs, designer rugs, kilim rugs, and even floral carpet to bring a lavish room alive.

What are the benefits of buying handloom rugs?

Handloom carpet defines a space and sets the tone for the decor surrounding it. Handloom rugs offer a  pop of color, a neutral backdrop, or a pattern that ties the room together. Each handloom carpet price that is offered on Jaipur Rugs is uniquely suited to its purposes. It offers durability, quality, and ease of maintenance for all your design needs.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy handloom rugs?

We design our handloom carpet with durable and quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction. Our materials are sourced from rare environments to ensure that the highest quality wool and weaves are used to craft our excellent handloom rugs. Not only do we use high-quality components, but we also use high-quality people. Jaipur Rugs are handcrafted which means they are not mass-produced. Mass-produced rugs commonly suffer from faulty durability and are prone to shedding and tearing. Our handloomed wool and cotton rugs are one of a kind.



What is a handloomed rug?

Handloom rugs use a loom device to help artisans craft lavish handloom carpet by hand. It allows the professional to weave the threads seamlessly without the use of electricity by moving several different mechanical components around.

How do you wash a handloom rug?

Handloom rugs can be vacuumed regularly. This helps to ensure that any excess debris resting on the carpet’s surface is removed. If you ever spill a drink or food on your carpet, you must take quick action to clean up the spillage. All it takes is a towel submerged and squeezed with warm water to clean the carpet. There is no need to purchase any type of special chemical for stain removal

How much does a handloom carpet cost?

Handloom carpets start at $71 per rug. Depending on size, material, and style they can reach as high as $5,474 for very high-end handloom carpets online.



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Jaipur rugs

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