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Living Room Rugs

Living room rugs online can make or break a room. Good choice carpets for living room bring everything together and elevate the overall appearance. With 10000+ designs and 1000+ color options, we have the best carpet for living room. From carpets for living room big size to floor mat for living room to jute rugs, we have everything to amp up the flair of your space. Layer Floor carpet for living room with blue carpet or round rugs to make your room look bigger.

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living room rugs

Living rooms are among the most important areas in our houses. We always want to entertain and relax in the living room with family and friends, so why not bring something that reflects your personality, provides a finishing touch, and anchors your furniture? Our assortment is intended to complement a broad variety of decor and furnishings. Browse our range of handmade living room rugs that can meet your taste and budget.

Why Do You Need A Rug For Your Living Space?

Many world-famous designers have come to the conclusion that a rug can make or break a room. A rug always plays an important role while decoring your room. It drastically enhances the feel and looks of any space and provides an eye-catching appearance. In addition, these pieces of art also add a pop of colors to your living space.

A rug can be a powerful decorating tool, but it also has practical purposes and is necessary for any room. Many people are surprised to know that rugs have been used for centuries as insulation and to protect floors from dirt. This article will cover the necessary functions of a rug in your living space and some different types of rugs you could use for your home. We hope you give rugs another look next time you look for living room decor.

Find The Best Living Room Rugs Online In India

Rugs are commonly thought of as a means to enhance home decor. This is understandable because carpets exist in virtually every color, style, material, and form you desire. Area rugs always play an essential role in creating eye-catching home decor. If your home's floor has a problem - like cracked tiles, then you should consider purchasing area rugs. The carpets for the living room go well with your existing decor and enhance the overall appearance of your room. Maybe you will consider wall-to-wall carpeting; however, you can easily relocate to any place with rugs.

What are the different types of rug materials used for a living room?

The first handwoven rug was made from reeds and grasses and dated back to the nomadic tribe 5000 years ago. Since then, living room rugs and bedroom rugs have been the center of attraction. Rugs can also bring a space together and blend well with the color scheme while adding a textural flair. So, we have come up with on-trend handmade rugs that will enhance the overall flair of your home.

Wool rugs

Wool is a natural fiber typically handwoven, tufted, knotted, or loomed.

Machine-loomed wool rugs are also in-trend. Wool rugs are perfect for your bedroom or living room.

Silk rugs

If you want to give a sumptuous makeover to your space, go with the luxurious silk rugs. Silk rugs can create an unmatchable sheen and glamour to your home. In addition, silk rugs are tough to clean, thus making them very delicate and best for low-traffic spaces.

Cotton rugs for everyday use

Cotton is a low-cost material that can use in place of more expensive carpets made of wool or silk. On the other hand, cotton fades rapidly and does not repel stains. As a result, cotton rugs and runners go well in informal settings and are a fantastic choice if you want to change your rug based on your mood or season.

Jute and bamboo rugs

Jute and bamboo are natural materials that can give any indoor space a touch of coastal vibes. Jute rugs and bamboo rugs are the perfect choices for a space that needs a textural flair in a budget-friendly way.

Synthetic rugs

Nowadays, many carpets online are made from synthetic materials such as nylon, viscose, or polypropylene. These rugs are often thinner than wool rugs, although some can still feel as soft. The main feature of synthetic rugs is that they are budget-friendly. You will also get plenty of color options to choose from like green rugs, red rugs, multicolor rugs, and more.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs For Living Room Rugs?

Rugs always anchor a space and reflect your personality. They might be one of the most expensive things you purchase for your house, so be sure you get the proper one. We here at Jaipur Rugs have mastered the traditional art of Persian rug weaving. In this 21st century where all the modern tools are available, we still believe in following the 500-year-old techniques of weaving luxurious carpets.

How to place a rug in your living room?

First, you have to take into consideration of your sofa and wall color, the size and layout of the room also play a vital role, and the vibe you want to create in the space. There is no such formula to set a rug. All you have to try different permutations and combinations to get the desired look.

For Smaller Spaces:

If you have less space in your living room and want to anchor your furniture try considering round rugs because they will make your room look big.

For Mid-Sized Spaces:

For mid-sized spaces, you can go with a large rug and place it in a way that only the front legs are on top of it.

For Larger Spaces:

For larger spaces, consider a rug with 9' X 13' dimensions or bigger and place all the furniture on the rug. For larger spaces, consider a rug with 9' X 13' dimensions or bigger and place all the furniture on the rug. Make sure that there will be some space around the outside of the rug for walking.

FAQs about living room rugs

What kind of rug is good for the living room?

When choosing an area rug for your living room, there are several factors to consider, including size, color, and pattern. The aim is to select an area rug that is appropriate to the space and matches the decor. The wrong area rug might make your living room look unfinished or full of strange clashing colors and patterns.

What is the best color carpet for a living room?

When buying an area rug for your living room you have to consider the color scheme. You have to pick a rug that easily blends with your existing decor.

What rug is best for a small living room?

For smaller spaces, you can consider round rugs. Doesn't matter how small the space is; a round rug adds that fun and attractive touch to your home decor. Also, you don't need to measure the room to get a perfect size.

How to choose the right rug size for your living room?

When it comes to room decoration, a contemporary rug is all you need to spruce up the floors. But before buying a rug you have to take a proper measurement of your space so that you can place it in the desired place.



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