abstract rugs


abstract rugs

What are abstract rugs?

Abstract rugs can be a work of art themselves, and like many other abstract pieces of art, the rug’s colors, patterns, and overall display can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Depending on what you pair

Abstract rugs are pieces of art with their own personality. Similar to abstract art, abstract floor rugs are composed of several different kinds of colors, patterns, and layouts that are up for interpretation by the viewer. This type of rug can adapt to different kinds of themes and styles that you may have in your household. If you are looking for something to ‘wow’ your visitors or perhaps give them some eye candy, then abstract art rugs may be what you are looking for.

Explore various styles of abstract carpets available at Jaipur Rugs India

At Jaipur Rugs India, we offer hundreds of different abstract carpets and abstract rugs for sale that suit your needs. Our three main styles of abstract carpets include modern, traditional, and transitional. Read more to learn more about each style that we offer.


Modern rugs are popular contemporary pieces that act as an essential accent pieces for any room in your household. They are often designed with few solid colors and with geometric shapes, which contributes to their simplicity in nature.


Traditional or ‘Oriental’ rugs consist of intricate colors and design compositions that originate from the Middle East and Asian heritages. They are often handwoven from animal skin, silk, wool, or cotton.


Transitional rugs are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. From the classic designs of ‘oriental’ rugs to contemporary offerings, transitional rugs offer you numerous designs and color schemes to choose from.

How to choose the right abstract rugs for your home

By Material

Choosing the right abstract rug by material can be difficult. But, at Jaipur Rugs India we offer several different options to choose from. From wool, silk, and viscose, to jute, cotton, and many more, we enable your shopping experience to be complete and versatile. Whether you want something soft and smooth or durable and stiff, you can browse our rugs by material for your needs. Start searching for abstract art rugs and abstract tufted rugs today.

By Design

Most commonly, contemporary and modernly designed rugs are the go-to rug for homes. n deploy your elegant and high-end design style. Specifically in living rooms, rugs that are made of silk and have vibrant, fortifying patterns are used for this space. More commonly, living rooms incorporate a sense of modernity through the rugs, couches, pillows, and other decors so you may want to consider abstract floor rugs for this space.

By Colors

The best area rug is one that defines a space and sets the tone for using it. It might be a pop of color, a neutral backdrop, or a pattern that ties the room together. Each space may have area rugs that are uniquely suited to its purposes. You can either pair a neutral colored rug with vibrant walls or vice versa to adequately design your space. Examples of neutral colored rugs for sale at Jaipur Rugs India are blue carpet, grey carpets, shaggy carpets, and much more.

By Size

It is best to measure the dimensions of your room prior to selecting an abstract rug. You want to give your rug some buffer room of about 18” to 24” from the edges to the wall in order to ensure a great fit. Allowing for a buffer zone will allow the rug to act as an accent piece or rather a focal point for the room.



Are abstract rugs popular?

Abstract rugs have emerged as a popular rug worldwide since the 2000s. It embodies a modern, contemporary style that has overtaken the design of many homes. These rugs offer simple solid colors and design patterns that can easily be integrated with neutral color room layouts.

Where should you place abstract carpets?

Abstract carpets are best placed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or outdoors. Outdoor rugs and office floor carpets composed of abstract art can be great additions to your place. Abstract rugs truly pair well with any type of decor and furniture and may even add a unique style to spruce up your residence. It is interpretive in nature which gives it the freedom to fit several design molds.

How much does a good abstract rug cost?

At Jaipur Rugs India, you can buy abstract rugs for sale starting at $52. For such a popular item, this is an incredible deal to start your search for the next abstract floor rug for your newly designed home. With the price comes sustainability and elegance, which is what you need to start decorating your new place.



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