outdoor rugs

Make your space more inviting with modern outdoor carpets and outdoor area rugs. At Jaipur Rugs, you will find outdoor rugs 8x10, outdoor rug 5x7, and a large outdoor rug to uplift the overall flair of your space. You can mix and match runner rugs, traditional rugs, or garden rugs to offer a combination of style and functionality. You can pick wool rugs, cotton rugs, and jute rugs for your outdoor space.

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outdoor rugs

A home needs to be warm and welcoming not only indoors but right in outdoor spaces. An outdoor rug can easily accentuate the aesthetics of the house and make each space more comfortable. From outdoor rugs 8x10 to oversized area rugs, there are a plethora of options and different styles in these patterned fabrics. Let’s look into the best outdoor rugs.

What are Outdoor Rugs, and How do they Work?

Outdoor carpets are comprised of materials like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. An outdoor rug is water-resistant and can prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Outdoor area rugs are sturdy enough to withstand rains, extreme UV lights, and harsh conditions.

Durable fabrics like jute and wool rugs can be placed on the patio or deck in order to take up the traffic and withstand the rough conditions. An outdoor rug can effortlessly make the spaces more relaxing and at the same time, introduce a unique style to the area.

Shop the Best Outdoor Rug Online at Jaipur Rugs India

From modern, and traditional, to well-balanced transitional, Jaipur Rugs offers a wide variety of styles in the best outdoor rugs. You can pick an outdoor rug based on the size, material, colour, and pattern requirements.

Explore the simply elegant collection in the Entropy range or bring a little playfulness with the Aqua collection. Any choice of an outdoor rug is sure to jazz up the look and make your home more inviting.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Carpet for Your Home?

Picking the right match for an outdoor rug isn’t easy. It gets even more challenging with the variety of rugs. From varying sizes like 9x12 outdoor rug to small area rugs to variety in patterns, let’s look into the easy way out of selecting the best match.

By Design

Start by looking into the design requirements for an outdoor rug. From plain flatweaves in the Souk collection by Jaipur Rugs to the patterned Riviera series, explore the options and find the design that goes best with the design language of the space.

By Material

Material selection is extremely important in the case of a garden rug. The choice has to be durable enough to go through rough conditions without compromising on the look. You can either opt for natural materials like wool and jute or go with tough synthetic fabrics.

By Colours

From subtle grey rugs to vibrant blues, there’s no limit to the colours of outdoor area rugs. The colour palette of your outdoor rug has to blend well with the mood board of the space. Consider introducing to the space a multicoloured and patterned outdoor carpet offered in the Kasbah and Cascade collections.

By Size

It could be an outdoor rug 5x7 or an oversized carpet. Size plays an important role in filtering the choices. Whether you choose a 9x10 outdoor rug or keep it compact, make sure that the choice complements the scale of the space.

How to Clean and Care for Outdoor Rugs?

An outdoor rug is easy to take care of. The tough composition of these outdoor area rugs makes them resistant to water-based damage and makes them a fit for rough use as well. The easiest way to get rid of dust from an outdoor rug is to simply vacuum it or sweep the surface.

In order to go for deep cleaning of a large outdoor rug, mix water and liquid soap and spread it on the surface. Clean the rug with water and let it dry before putting it to use. A simple outdoor rug can be cleaned with normal detergent.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Outdoor Rugs?

Along with an outdoor runner rug by Jaipur Rugs, you’re not only uplifting the look of the space but aiding in sustainable development as well. The brand works with local artisans and treasures not only their art but the environment as well.

With each style of outdoor rug speaking a different and impactful design language, the space is sure to get its unique character. Browse through the sea of options in outdoor area carpets and find the perfect match for your patio.



Are outdoor rugs a good idea?

An outdoor rug proves extremely functional as it safeguards the flooring against harsh weather conditions. Durable jute rugs, when placed outside also minimise the chances of slip and fall and amp up the look of the space.

What type of rug is best for the outdoors?

When it comes to outdoor area rugs, opt for synthetic fibres as they are incredibly sturdy to face extreme conditions. A flatweave outdoor rug is a perfect addition to your deck or patio.

Are outdoor rugs waterproof?

An outdoor rug isn’t waterproof. But the design is built to be water-resistant. The fabric of your outdoor custom rugs won’t cater to water-based damage like mould and repel water. The best outdoor rugs will dry quickly even if it gets wet.

Do outdoor rugs get ruined by rain?

Although an outdoor rug will get wet in the rain, it dries quickly. The strong material for a garden rug still remains durable and withstands the rains.



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Jaipur rugs

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