prayer rugs

With prayer being one of the most calming and spiritual parts of the routine, the Muslim prayer mat ensures that the space is kept pure and clean. Prayer mats can be used by people of any religion to make the experience even more comfortable. From kilim rugs to runner rugs to area rugs, Jaipur Rugs offers a plethora of options in different materials and patterns. You can choose Namaz carpets and prayer rug Islam from 1000+ options.

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prayer rugs

 Prayer Rugs: Origin, Significance, Types

Prayer rugs are not just floor coverings. They provide a protective and sacred layer between the person who is offering the prayer and the ground. Prayer carpets are a piece of Islamic art and feature several Islamic landmarks. You will find several symbols on a prayer rug such as floral patterns that symbolize the abundance of nature in God’s heaven. In this article, we will tell you everything about Prayer rugs and what makes them different from regular carpets.

What are prayer rugs, and What does the prayer rug symbolize?

Rugs that Muslims use before performing prayers to ensure that the area is clean are called prayer rugs. As per religious beliefs, prayer mats help cleanse one's soul and body before one offers prayers. They are widely used in Muslim homes, mosques, and shrines. Also known as sajjadat salat, prayer rugs are mostly made using natural materials like wool, silk and cotton and look similar to Persian or Oriental rugs.

A prayer mat can feature floral or free-flowing patterns and Islamic landmarks and texts. Most Muslim prayer mats are created using hand-knotting techniques. However, you may also find several machine-made Namaz carpets in the Market. It was Prophet ­Mohammed who first started praying on a prayer mat made from 'khumrah' (palm fronds), later becoming a religious practice amongst Muslims from across the globe.

The prayer carpet industry flourished during the rule of the Safavid and Mughal dynasties and became a national treasure. Prayer rugs have been produced for centuries across Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Prayer rugs in Islam symbolise complete devotion to Allah. They are also used as a symbol of Islamic culture and traditions.

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If you want to buy top quality, durable, affordable, and designer Prayer rugs, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs India. We have an exclusive range of unique designs and patterns. From cotton rugs to silk rugs, you will find a classic and rare collection of prayer rugs that are available in different sizes, colours, and shapes.  From Muslim prayer carpets to mats/sajadah

You can buy prayer rugs for sale or get customized rugs made as per your needs.

Explore different styles of prayer rugs available at Jaipur Rugs India

From modern prayer rugs to traditional prayer rugs, you will find the finest collection of prayer carpets at Jaipur Rugs India. We are one of the biggest rug manufacturers in the world and are known for our sustainable, original, and high-quality prayer rugs.

Modern rugs

Prayer rugs that have modern designs and patterns such as flowers, trees, and shapes are called modern-style rugs. They are available in numerous colours and can last for decades. If you are looking for cotton rugs or grey rugs, you can visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs India.

Traditional rugs

Traditional prayer rugs look identical to Persian or Oriental rugs because of the same symmetrical designs and texture. They feature symbols, stories, and emotions. Traditional prayer rugs can be passed on through the generations and have a royal feel to them.


Prayer rugs that have both modern as well as traditional designs and patterns are called transitional prayer rugs. They will have abstract designs and at the same time have vintage elements.

How to choose the right Prayer rugs?

By Material

If you want your prayer rug Islam to last for years, choose natural materials like wool that are extremely popular in Muslim households. Wool rugs are not only durable but offer a luxurious vibe and comfort. If you want a soft rug with a visual appeal, you can also go for silk rugs or cotton rugs.

By Design

The design that you choose for your prayer rug should match your beliefs and taste. There are simple rugs with small symbols and there are red rugs with a lot of patterns and motifs.

By Colours

The colour you choose totally depends on your style and choice. However, most Muslims choose red, green, and blue prayer rugs as they symbolize happiness, gratitude, and faith.

By Size

The size of your prayer rug will depend on how tall and wide you are.


Why do Muslims use prayer rugs?

According to Islam, one must perform their prayers in a clean place and cover the floor. Muslims use prayer rugs to ensure that their praying spot is neat and clean. After they have offered the prayers, they quickly fold the prayer rug and keep it safe until the next use. Apart from Muslims, prayer rugs are also used by Christians and Jews for offering prayers in a clean and isolated place.

How do you wash a prayer rug?

The best way to wash a prayer rug at home is by soaking the prayer rug in a solution of water and laundry soap for at least half an hour. Before submerging the prayer rug, make sure that you pretreat the stains on the prayer mat using a laundry stain cleaner. Another way to wash your prayer mat is by putting it into an automatic washing machine. However, never spin the prayer mat, and always rinse it with cold water after washing it.

How often should you wash your prayer mat?

On average, you can wash your prayer rug twice a year. However, it also depends on the fibre of the prayer mat that you are using. Prayer rugs made of wool do not require a lot of washing as they are more durable and stain-resistant than other materials. However, if you have a cotton or a silk prayer mat, you should wash it every 6 months to keep it neat, clean, and fresh.

What size are prayer rugs?

The size of a prayer rug should be big enough to kneel above the fringe on one end and place the head on the other end. The average size of a standard prayer rug is between 2.5 ft × 4 ft to 4 ft × 6 ft. However, the size can also depend on the person offering the prayers. For example, a tall, healthy person will prefer larger prayer rugs as compared to those who are shorter and slimmer.

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