Trendy Handmade Rugs to Amp Up Your Home Decor

  • 2 months ago


Whether you’re doing up your home for the first time or looking for a quick pick-me-up to your decor, a rug is a perfect way to make your room look complete. Especially if you have an open plan home, rugs delineate and demarcate the spaces and tie up all the elements of the room together. They also add warmth and comfort underfoot and can be used to add color and texture to your space.

If there is one decor element that never goes out of style, it has to be rugs. Food centuries, hedonists, and lovers of everything exquisite have decorated their space with antique, Oriental, and beautifully hand-knotted traditional carpets. It is a marker of taste and a great way to express the personality of the space. Even as trends in rugs change over the years in compliance with our changing homes and lifestyles, rugs themselves never go out of style. Now you have the option to choose from a range of contemporary, abstract, geometric, and solid-colored rugs along with the good old traditional ones. The choices are truly endless. To help make the decision a little easier for you, we have a list of the most trending kinds of rugs, from a collection of unique handmade rugs, natural rugs, even custom rugs to suit your space. Bring a rug home, and you will see how it transforms your space instantly. And while making the decision to invest in one, keep the following in mind:

Handmade Modern Rugs:

Our homes have evolved over time as we open up to designs and decor themes of different kinds, making them more contemporary than even a decade back. Hence, there is no reason why your decor should remain traditional. As beautiful as traditional rugs can be, they can be quite striking visually and command more attention than you would like them to. If you want a rug that anchors the space down instead and melds seamlessly with the rest of your modern decor, we suggest you pick a rug from our huge collection of modern rugs in contemporary color palettes and minimal yet alluring designs. Try unique shades like a blue color rug or a gray color rug for your bedroom and living room respectively to build a coherent color palette throughout your house. You can also try two-toned or even color-blocked modern rugs. You can have all these amazing designs without giving up on the luxury that is handmade rugs

handmade modern rug

Handmade Natural Rugs:

The definition of ‘luxury’ is changing worldwide as people are gradually shifting to sustainable, handmade things over those which are a byproduct of extreme mechanization, produced in a few minutes using synthetic materials. At Jaipur Rugs, our approach has been exactly the opposite. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our artisans who have inherited the skill of rug weaving from their ancestors. We also use natural materials like wool, silk, jute, and even hemp to make our rugs. Once you invest in natural rugs that are handmade by artisans, you cannot go back to mass-produced rugs that have no story behind them. No matter which style you prefer, be it abstract or geometric or even a solid rug, natural materials in rugs for home are one of the best decisions you can take for your home decor.

handmade natural rug or carpet

Layering Rugs:

While unique designs and an outstanding color palette can definitely transform the space, there is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment more. Off late, the trend of layering different kinds of rugs has become very popular. Why? Because it adds volume, texture, and color play to your room, making it look like it has been designed by an interior decorator. Just a little attention goes a long way. Try layering your blue color rug with a gray color rug to create a moody yet earthy color palette. As for textures, go with a natural rug with something more textured like a shaggy rug or a long pile rug. Remember to keep a balance and not layer two long pile rugs over one another. This way, you can style your existing home rugs in new ways without even buying a new one.

Custom Rug:

We are all unique and different, and so are our tastes and the way our homes look. And it can be difficult to find rugs that suit the eccentricities of your home and complement its uniqueness. This is why custom rugs have found a lot of favor of late wherein people can design it just the way they like, with patterns that speak to them and colors that are as soothing and welcoming as they are visually pleasing and complement the home decor. At Jaipur Rugs, not only do we let you design your own rug from scratch, but it is also an opportunity to directly connect with the artisans who make the astounding handmade rugs that grace your homes. Our rugs are more than just floor covering; they are canvases for story-telling, and that is something we want to extend to our customers through custom rugs. Brainstorm with artisans, come up with your own designs and create the smallest details that are unique to you, for a one-of-a-kind rug that nobody else will own in this world.

handmade blue carpet or rug

As mentioned before, while trends in rugs will come and go, rugs themselves will be evergreen when it comes to home decor. They can act as your mouthpiece and express your personality with elegance and finesses. It is the easiest way to make space your own. And when you buy handmade rugs from us, made by artisans, you invest in a timeless heirloom that will always be on-trend and that will always remind you of the rich heritage of handcrafts of our country, no matter where you are in the world. And with so many designs and color options, you will be left spoilt for choice.


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