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Ancient cultures used oriental carpets as a way to beautify their spaces and even as a way to give expression to many emotions through deep colors and patterns. But don't worry about them being too old-fashioned - today's oriental rug styles are bright and contemporary with exciting new color schemes that will fit right into your modern home or office decor. Oriental handknotted rugs make perfect floor coverings because they can be laid on almost any hard floor surface, including wood, tile, or stone. Available in different materials - from cotton to wool to silk rugs, browse our extensive collection of oriental rugs online to make your pick and introducing the beautiful creations of the artisans who have been making these rugs for generations.

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oriental rugs

What are oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are a type of ancient art that has been used for centuries to add beauty and cosiness to homes all over the world. These exquisite carpets, which are typically hand-knotted, give a sense of refinement to any space with their elaborate designs, gorgeous hues, and velvety textures. Oriental rugs are a form of floor covering that have been manufactured for at least 5,000 years by artists in the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.

How to find the perfect oriental rug for your home?

By Pattern

It's crucial to take into account a few significant factors when looking for an oriental rug. Consider the rug's size and form first. Will it fit the area you envision, or should you choose a larger rug to give the room a more open feel? Think about the colour and pattern that will complement the space the most. Muted tones and straightforward designs can create a warm ambiance, while vivid colours and detailed motifs can offer a touch of elegance and grandeur.

By Color

Your rug's colour should also be taken into account. There is a wide range of colours available at Jaipur Rugs, including traditional and neutral hues as well as striking and colourful hues. Consider a subdued colour like ivory, beige, or grey if you're searching for a conventional, antique oriental rug. Consider a vibrant pink or blue rug for a more contemporary appearance. Check out their collection of bohemian rugs if you want to add a touch of boho-chic to your space.

By Design

Take note of the rug's design. Oriental carpets come in a variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary, at Jaipur Rugs. Consider a traditional Persian or Moroccan type rug for a timeless and elegant appearance. Consider an oriental-style rug with a modern geometric or abstract pattern for something a little more contemporary.

By Material

Next, think about the rug's construction. Oriental carpets in a range of materials, including cotton, wool, silk, and more, are available for purchase from Jaipur Rugs. Your rug's material will have an impact on both its appearance and feel. Think about a wool or silk rug if you want something soft and opulent. Choose a cotton rug or jute rug if you want something more robust and long-lasting.

Where to place an oriental rug?

It's crucial to take into account the location of the rug when selecting one. Different rooms or places in your home will be better suited for various sorts of rugs, depending on the size, colour, and style of the rug you choose. For instance, if you're looking for a rug for your living room, you might want to get a bigger rug that commands more attention there. Alternatively, a smaller rug would be a better option if you want to install an oriental rug in a smaller room.

How to Clean and Care for your oriental rugs?

When it comes to preserving the beauty and life of these priceless works of art, the effort is worthwhile.

First, frequently vacuum your rugs. This will assist in removing dirt and dust, which can accumulate over time and harm the fabric.

Second, as necessary, spot-clean your rug. If there are spills or stains, make sure to clean them up right once to avoid lasting harm.

Third, deep clean your oriental rugs using a professional carpet cleaner.

Finally, be sure to keep your Jaipur carpets in good condition. Never place them in direct sunlight, and remember to rotate them to even out wear.

Explore Different Styles of oriental rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs

Persian rugs and carpets are options if you like a more classic appearance. These hand-knotted rugs from Iran have gorgeous colour schemes and detailed designs. Jaipur Rugs has an oriental rug or carpet to suit your demands no matter what your style may be. Any room will be transformed by selecting from their stunning range of oriental style rugs and carpets, whether you're looking for a traditional large oriental rug or a distinctive boho rug.

Modern carpets are available in a wide range of hues and designs, ideal for a svelte and fashionable appearance. geometric forms to abstract patterns. Persian rugs and carpets are options if you like a more traditional appearance. These hand-knotted rugs from Iran have gorgeous colour schemes and detailed designs. A terrific approach to blend traditional and modern decorating trends is with transitional rugs. These carpets are ideal for a range of areas because of their more modern appearance and feel.



What is the difference between an oriental rug and a Persian rug?

You could find both Persian and Oriental carpets when searching for Oriental rugs for sale. Although they both come from the Middle East, the two rugs have some notable differences. The detailed and sophisticated designs on Persian rugs, which can include elaborate floral and geometric patterns, are well known. On the other hand, oriental rugs are more abstract and frequently have bright colours and irregular shapes.

How can I tell if my rug is a real Oriental?

The following indicators that your rug is a genuine Oriental can be found when shopping online:

• The rug is hand-knotted, which is a time-consuming and demanding procedure

• The design is elaborate and detailed

• The rug has an overall "vintage" appearance

• The muted, earthy colour scheme

 How long do oriental rugs last?

We give a lifetime warranty on all of our rugs because we are unsurpassed in our commitment to quality and sturdiness. Quality is important when it comes to oriental rugs. The highest quality materials are used to create Jaipur rugs, which are hand-crafted utilizing a variety of traditional weaving techniques. This ensures their resilience and longevity. Our rugs are made to last and give you many years of use and delight.

What makes an oriental rug valuable?

Oriental rugs from Jaipur Rugs provide exceptional value, quality, and elegance. The age of a rug is the most significant component in evaluating its worth. Older rugs are typically more costly because they were frequently made by hand by artists. The more elaborate the patterns and motifs, the older the rug is, and the higher its value. An oriental rug's worth is further increased by the use of rare materials like silk or wool.

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Jaipur rugs

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