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Living Room Rugs

Introduce elegance into your living space with our exquisite collection of area rugs for living rooms. From luxurious carpets to captivating office rugs, we offer a timeless blend of comfort and style. Discover the perfect traditional carpets that redefine sophistication and create an inviting ambiance in your home.

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living room rugs

A design looks incomplete without the right set of furnishings nestling in the room. Carpets for the living room are a design element that will give the interior decor a cohesive look. You need them as an add-on to the existing floor that's soft and functional.

Carpets for the living room are a must-have in the space owing to their eye-pleasing charm and stories hidden within the designs. These living room rugs can induce the space with a sense of softness and fuel the inviting essence of the room. Look for the best carpet for your living room with Jaipur rugs and let your creativity go free with the possibilities.

Shop Best Quality Living Room Carpets Online at Jaipur Rugs Italy

Don't we all seek the perfect tints and patterns in carpets for the living room? These modern carpets and area rugs can jazz up the look of the space through their woven threads. The brand works on the principles of not only embracing its products but boasting the hands behind these masterpieces. We value our artisans and the age-old techniques that still fit the modern scenario.

Jaipur Rugs lets you pick from an excellent collection of rugs and carpets that will aid in curating a lovely look for your home interiors. One of the advantages of this online store is the categorized sections that let you pick as per the room and styles. Enjoy the comfort of shopping online and explore the variety in the comfort of your home.

Explore Different Types of Living Room Rugs

The living room is the core of the house, welcoming friends and family with its inviting charm. A careful selection of carpets for the living room will make the entire joint space easy to maintain and keep your home looking clutter-free and organized.

Apart from the functional aspects, these are versatile solutions to accentuate the home's look. To make the space warmer and more welcoming, all you need is the best carpets for the living room. Let's look at the types of living room rugs.

Modern Rugs

Welcome vibrancy to the room with a blue carpet or bolder pick with the shades. Big carpets for living rooms speaking a colorful language are the ultimate epitome of modern aesthetics. Pair up the rugs with the modern, minimal design language and bring a playful edge to the interiors. The collection of modern rugs by Jaipur Rugs lets you get geometric patterns with an essence of simplicity to the space.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional carpets for the living rooms have a sense of nostalgia knitted within the colorful threads. Vintage carpet designs boast fine craftsmanship with a sense of authenticity in the talking patterns. Celebrate the intricacy of designs and patterns with kilim rugs or Persian designs. Jaipur Rugs offers a great collection with its Aurora range, adding a neutral charm to the living room. The hand-knotted woollen traditional rugs are extremely exhilarating with design and colors, adding timelessness to the room.

Transitional Rugs

Speaking the language of modern with traditional are the transitional living room rugs 8x10. These designs of carpets for living rooms borrow patterns from the past and curate the design in a modern color scheme. Transitional rugs are the ultimate statement-making decor pieces that add to living comfort. You can pick from the hand-crafted range of these living room rugs offered by Jaipur Rugs. Our rugs are made using the finest material selection and have a traditional take on the crafts.

Why Choose Carpets for Living Room Online in Italy from Jaipur Rugs?

Jaipur Rugs offers you the finest quality outdoor rug, living room rugs, and carpet designs. Selecting a suitable match from various carpets for the living room can be a task as it needs to have the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

The brand celebrates the heritage and the intricate craftsmanship that goes into each thread composing these rugs. The online store by Jaipur Rugs showcases a handpicked collection of rugs and carpets ranging from traditional designs to living room carpets for sale in a modern flair.



What type of living room carpet is most comfortable?

The best choice among carpets for the living room are the ones composed of wool. These are soft to be kept underfoot, and the strong fibres don't cause an impression of heavy furniture sitting on top of it. Consider going for hand-tufted carpets to make a strong statement.

What is the best color for carpets in the living room?

The Grey carpet living room is one of the best picks with its soothing tone and versatility of shade, making it a perfect fit with any design language. The shades of beige, brown, and even pop colors blue and orange form the trending list.

How much does a good living room carpet cost?

The basic range in carpets for the living room starts at 20 Euro and as per the designs and quality, the range can go up to 6000 Euro. High-quality carpets for the living room vary based on the number of stitches added per inch. The higher these stitches are, the better the quality will be.

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