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Few things are as pleasant and relaxing as spending time outdoors with friends and family. But to make your outdoor space truly special, there's one thing you need: outdoor rugs! Sure, we all know that rugs can add a lot of zen to any indoor environment, but did you know that they can do the same for your outdoors? Outdoor carpets might seem like a strange choice for an outside living area, but once you find the best material for your space — synthetic or natural — these floor coverings will give you the finishing touch.

Buy the best outdoor rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Italy

Jaipur Rugs is the best place to buy stylish and durable outdoor area rugs for your patio or terrace. We are one of the leading manufacturers in India with a workforce of 40,000+ masters. Established as a family-run business, we've been weaving rugs since 1978, and our products have been exported worldwide. We offer over 10,000 designs in 1,000 different colours, including Woollen kilim Rugs, Linen Rugs, Polyester Area Rug (Tufted Style), Cotton Rugs etc. Also, we offer rugs in various styles varying from traditional to modern rugs. Also, you can find variants in rugs - area rugs, runners, outdoor mats, etc.

How to choose the right outdoor carpet for your home?

By Material:

The best materials for waterproof outdoor rugs are said to be synthetics like polyester. When it comes to outdoor carpets, polyester rugs typically hold up better than those made entirely of natural fibres. If you purchase a carpet made of natural fibres, remember that you should frequently air-dry it by hanging it outside in the sun.

By Design:

Many different colours and patterns are available for outdoor carpets. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from boho, mid-century contemporary, farmhouse cottage, and seaside designs. There are lovely rectangular and round outdoor rugs with geometric, ikat, and trellis patterns if you favour a more global or Moroccan vibe. Jaipur Rugs offer outdoor carpets in a vast array of designs, vivid colours, and textures. Opt for a solid colour, vibrant abstract, geometric black-and-white, or worn-looking Oriental design. Additionally, available patterns include flowers, stripes, brocade, geometric, and more. The green carpet is a great pick since it beautifully complements the natural delights accenting your outdoors.

By Size:

Your preferred rug size will depend on where and how you plan to use it. If you want to use one as an underside for your outdoor furnishings, ensure your large outdoor rug has enough space to fit beneath the seats and a table. To make it safer and simpler to move on and around your outdoor furniture, as a basic rule, leave at least 6 inches of carpeting on all sides. A rug that frames the coffee table and supports at least the two front legs of the sofa can be used if you want a smaller option. There is a midway option of outdoor rugs 8x10 as well. A runner that runs the entire length of a small balcony will completely enclose the space.

Why buy outdoor rugs from Jaipur rugs Italy?

Since Jaipur Rugs has been in the industry for more than 40 years, we have the top on-trend styles and patterns to enhance the general appeal of your indoors and outdoors. The ideal rug for your outdoor space can be found among our 10,000+ designs in 1000+ colour combinations. Free shipping is available to any country, and returns are easy. We have customers in 75 nations, including the US, the UK, China, the UAE, and many others to list. In addition to further savings on handcrafted outdoor rugs and carpets for living rooms, dining rooms and more, we offer free shipping wherever in the world. Additionally, you can purchase uniquely designed carpets from Jaipur Rugs online to express your style and personality.



How do you take care of outdoor rugs?

Like indoor rugs, outdoor rugs need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent them from deteriorating. Most outdoor rugs are made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polypropylene, so they will not rot or mildew when left in humid climates. However, they can still attract dirt and debris that causes the pile to mat down. To prevent this type of soil accumulation, you must brush off any stray particles that may have adhered to the rug. It is also a good idea when performing this step to vacuum over any areas with heavy soils to remove any trapped dust and debris embedded deep within the pile of fibres.

What are the most durable outdoor rugs made from?

Rugs made of polyester can survive the rain, sun, and a lot of foot activity. They are made of premium polyester resistant to water, fading, and running as well as ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Jute carpets give outdoor space texture and warmth. Since prolonged sun exposure can cause fading, storing these carpets in protected outdoor areas is advised.

Are outdoor rugs waterproof?

Outdoor rugs are water-resistant rather than waterproof because when taking out your shoes outside on most rugs, you usually don't walk on them for very long and do other activities (i.e., gardening) that might get them through with water.


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