green rugs

Traditional rugs, in general, can define any area of your home. They can style a hallway, stairs, bedrooms, and even living rooms. A green carpet is the best option if you're looking for a piece of furniture that will instantly add charm and elegance to your home or office. Green rugs are among the most versatile and captivating decorative products. Green floral rugs can transform your home from a bland place with old furniture into a stylish space tailored to your needs. It is well known that green has been a color associated with luxury and opulence since long ago. Home decorators often use transitional rugs in this hue to create elegant atmospheres in the interior design projects they take on for their clients.

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green rugs

Why Choose Green Carpets to Elevate your Space

Green is one of the most relaxing colours. It's soothing to the human eye gives a vibe of nature and goes with almost every colour. This is why green carpets have become extremely popular in the market. Imagine having a contemporary-style home with white walls and brown furniture and placing a green floral rug in the centre. Sounds so aesthetically pleasing right?

Green carpets, when used with earthy tones and dark furniture, can add texture, comfort, and warmth to any space. If you want to add a summer vibe to your living room space, it's best to place a green floral rug in the centre of your room to make it look more summery and vibrant. Placing a patterned green rug or blue carpet in your bedroom can spice up the mood of the space.

How adding Green Carpets can revamp the look of your home

Rugs can add warmth and texture to any room. Be it modern rugs, kilim rugs, or Oriental carpets, they can make your home look more inviting and aesthetically appealing. From blue carpets to green carpets, they are available in a wide range of colours, designs, and patterns. If you are looking to transform your space, it's best to choose green carpets. They not only bring young vitality into your home but also help bring nature inside your space. Adding a green floral rug to your living room can enhance and elevate its vibe.

Buy green rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Italy

From bedroom carpets to premium quality green rugs for bedrooms, Jaipur Rugs has an exclusive range of unique and designer green carpets that will add personality and pattern to your home. These green carpets have been woven by skilled artisans and have been made using top-quality materials such as wool, silk, and cotton.

Our latest collection of green carpets complements a wide variety of colour schemes. The relaxing green tones used in our modern carpets will transform dull rooms into beautiful havens and uninteresting places into inviting ones. The materials used in our green carpets can last for years.



How to Decorate your room with a green rug?

If you want to bring warmth to your room and make it look earthy and subtle, it's best to place a green carpet in the centre of the room and match it with brown or beige furniture. If you have white walls, you can use brown curtains complimenting the green rug.

How much does a green carpet cost?

The cost of a green carpet depends on the size of the rug, its material, and its design. A medium-sized green floral rug can cost anywhere between $100 to $ 500.

Is green carpet fashionable?

Yes, green carpet is very fashionable and has been in trend for many decades. Placing a green carpet in your bedroom, living room, or outdoor spaces is the best way to bring nature to your home and make it look cosier.

Rugs Price
taq-622 green hand tufted Rugs €1,380
taq-113 green hand tufted Rugs €330
trc-166 green hand tufted Rugs €500
tla-4063 green hand tufted Rugs €830
qnq-10 green hand knotted Rugs €12,170
tac-8010 green hand tufted Rugs €560
esk-400 green hand knotted Rugs €620
aiwl-3014 green hand knotted Rugs €3,630
tra-14472 green hand tufted Rugs €1,110
qm-901 green hand knotted Rugs €13,570
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