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blue rugs

You can spruce up any room or nook of the house with blue carpets from Jaipur Rugs. Blue carpets can be used to create a relaxing and welcoming ambiance in a variety of rooms, including living rooms, baths, and bedrooms. You can pick the ideal blue carpeting to match your style from the many various colors available. Jaipur Rugs also provides multicolored rugs, prayer rugs, and area rugs in addition to blue carpets. A prayer rug or multicolor rug can be a terrific way to add a touch of personality to your house if you're going for a more distinctive appearance. Additionally, if you're looking for something to cover a bigger space, an area rug is a terrific way to unify a space and give the impression that it's more open.

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blue rugs

Why choose blue carpets for your home?

Rugs are available in numerous colors, shapes, and patterns. However, blue rugs have been a popular choice amongst buyers for decades now. Reason—they add warmth, texture, and comfort to any room. Blue rugs can complement your furniture as well as your walls and can make a room look more spacious. If you want to buy blue carpets for your living room, bedroom, or hallway, you can choose from the latest collection of blue carpets at Jaipur Rugs. They are the original rug makers who are known for their top-quality modern rugs, outdoor rugs, and custom rugs.

Choose the perfect blue carpet for your Home at Jaipur Rugs Italy

From blue patterned carpets to dark blue carpets, find exclusive, unique, and fine quality blue carpets to transform the look of your home from the online store of Jaipur Rugs Italy. You will find stylish and comfortable blue rugs that will make your space look more inviting and appealing.

How to style your living room with a blue rug

If you want your living room to look more connected and well-defined, the best idea is to buy a blue carpet for your space and place it in the center of the living room. If you have white furniture and walls, go for a navy blue carpet or dark blue carpet. You can also revamp your living room by adding a blue carpet runner to your staircase. If you have a large-sized living room, try placing a blue area rug in the center of the living room and ensure that the front legs of the furniture are resting on the rug.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Blue carpets

Jaipur Rugs is the best rug maker in India and across the globe for the past several decades. They are known for their unique rugs that have been woven by skilled artisans from different Indian cities. From the best blue carpets for the living rooms to the best blue stair carpet and premium quality custom rugs, you will find top-quality and exclusive modern carpets at Jaipur Rugs. These carpets will elevate the look and mood of your space and make it cozier.



How much does a blue carpet cost?

Blue carpet bedrooms can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000. The price of blue carpets also depends on the size, pattern, material, and shape of the carpet. You will find many custom blue carpets at the online store of Jaipur Rugs that are affordable and durable.

What are some popular collections of blue rugs by Jaipur Rugs?

Hacienda, Confetti, Uvenuti, Aqua, Basis, and Anatolia are some popular collections of blue rugs by Jaipur Rugs. You can visit their online store to buy these exclusive collections that will add texture to your home.

Is blue carpet on trend?

Yes, blue carpets, dark blue carpets, navy blue carpets, and blue patterned carpets are very much in trend because they can make a place look stylish, warm, inviting, and comfortable at the same time. Just like green carpets, blue rugs are suited for both traditional and modern style homes.

Rugs Price
tra-50053 blue hand tufted Rugs €560
aiwl-3012 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,610
pae-1198 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,610
lca-811 blue hand knotted Rugs €2,200
qm-401 blue hand knotted Rugs €7,460
pae-2711 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,080
pae-2719 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,870
lca-02 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,370
aiws-3006 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,630
pae-2244 blue hand knotted Rugs €2,840
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