solid rugs

Textures, shades, and tones change the “plain” outlook of a solid rug. They can add every desired effect; neutrals bring in light, earth-tones for nature, bright colours burst with life, shags have cloud-like texture and low pile has a minimal touch.

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solid rugs

Buy Solid Rugs and Carpet Online

Do not diss a solid rug for being monotone and boring. The right solid color area rugs can be the focal aspect of any living room. They draw visual attention while also complementing the rest of the elements of decor, bringing everything together in a unified space. Pick a vibrant solid rug for a room that has muted tones, and you will have a show stopping piece. But if your room is punctuated with statement pieces, a muted tone rug can be just the right fit to highlight the theme of the space further. While picking your solid color carpets online from Jaipur Rugs, you can choose from a number of natural materials and varying textures depending on what the space demands. Be it one with a modern flair or one that is antique-looking, Jaipur Rugs has the right solid rug to outfit any space.

Shop Solid Color Area Rugs To Add Style To Any Space

When you have a vision for the space you are decorating, there are a lot of things on the check-list that need to be ticked off for it to come through. Be it the right couch, a table that serves as the pièce de résistance, a fitting artwork, or even cushions, it is all about the right decision. This is why you will find an array of options at Jaipur Rugs when it comes to shopping solid color rugs online. Each solid rug is hand woven with precision and dyed to perfection for colors that add the vibrancy a space lacks.

If you are looking for a custom rug for your living space, a solid area rug with border might just be the apt pick. Customize it down to the material, the color, and the space for a rug that is absolutely exclusive to you. Jaipur Rugs also specializes in modern, traditional, and designer rugs. However, if you are a newbie to the exciting world of rugs, we suggest you pick a high quality solid rug to start off. We offer solid color area rugs on discount at our online store to fit any and every budget.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Solid Rug For Your Space

Keep the following in mind when buying solid color carpets online at Jaipur Rugs for finding the one that is the best addition to your room:

  • One of the easiest ways to make a room look put together is by paying close attention to its color theme. This is not to say that you stick to just one color for the room. You can, for example, pick a solid area rug with border in a color that matches the accented drapes or complements the tone of the furniture. Solid color area rugs are also often used to layer mono and dual tones, shapes, and textures to add further oomph into the look of the room.
  • Let neutral toned rugs do the talking for large living spaces with ample natural light and ornate decor pieces like a sculpture or heavy furniture. A solid area rug with border is perfect for placing underneath furniture for preventing scratches on the floor from the said sculpture or piece of furniture.
  • Selecting an interesting texture is something people often do not pay much heed to when buying rugs online. At Jaipur Rugs, you can find solid colored rugs online that are made from natural materials like silk, wool, hemp, and bamboo silk, each of which impart a characteristic texture.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Solid Color Carpets Online

Jaipur Rugs is committed to bringing variety in even the most exclusive of handmade rugs and carpets. All our solid color carpets online are meticulously made by artisans from Rajasthan and Gujarat, using traditional techniques. We merge their craftsmanship with our impeccable service by offering easy payment options after a fast delivery for your convenience. We also offer discounts on solid color area rugs so that you do not have to think twice before bringing a unique Jaipur Rugs piece home.

Rugs Price
phpv-70 blue hand loom Rugs €500
hwv-2000 ivory hand loom Rugs €490
hwv-2000 red and orange hand loom Rugs €820
pdjt-117 ivory flat weaves Rugs €330
taq-4404 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs €840
phwv-92 blue hand loom Rugs €120
hwv-2000 blue hand loom Rugs €200
pdjt-120 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs €270
phpv-20 blue hand loom Rugs €400
gi-07 blue flat weaves Rugs €560
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