kilim rugs

Kilim rugs have been in use for generations and are timeless. They have elaborate patterns and vivid colours, and they are constructed of hard wool. Kilims are ideal as accent pieces for any area in your house. You can use your rug for many years to come because they are very tough. Kilim rugs are not only exquisite and distinctive, but also remarkably strong. These rugs are the ideal accent to your area because they are made from highly durable cotton and wool. Additionally, Kilim Rugs are a fantastic choice for busy households because they are simple to keep and clean. We have the ideal kilim rug for you, whether you want a cotton rug, a cotton round rug, or a geometric rug.

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kilim rugs

From your living room to the dining table, a few kilim carpets can fill any space with beauty. With their unique designs and textures, these rugs are meant to make you feel more comfortable in any environment. While kilim area rugs offer great versatility and style, they are durable and will take a beating without much issue on your end. Whether you're looking for a new piece of flooring or want to elevate your decor, the best kilim rugs are sure to please.

Shop the best kilim rugs online at Jaipur Rugs

To accommodate the various themes in every home, we offer kilim rugs for sale in multiple contemporary, traditional, and transitional designs. Our online store also provides a variety of kilim carpet sizes. So, the sole name is Jaipur Rugs, whether you're looking for a vast area rug for your bedroom or cute kilim runner rugs to liven up your corridors. You may get hand-knotted, tufted, flatweave, and handloom carpets from our stores or online. Everything from vintage kilim rugs to contemporary kilim outdoor rugs can be found here.

Different types of kilim carpets


Hand-knotted kilim rugs are more formal and have more intricate knots; they take years to manufacture but are also among the best rugs available. Because of their liveability, these rugs are frequently used in workplaces and residences. In this category, living room rugs are trendy.

Hand Tufted:

Hand-tufted kilim rugs are the more modern versions of the traditional Persian flatweave rugs. In contrast to their older counterparts, a kilim is broad, symmetrical and has a mathematically precise weave. They are also much easier to clean than their Oriental counterparts: because of their woven texture, they can be vacuumed without being damaged by the suctioning process. Bedroom carpets are quite a favourite pick under the category.

Hand Loom:

If you need to buy a carpet for your home, your office, or some other space in the house but don't want to invest in a typical ceramic or wool rug that is going to go out of style in less than a year, consider buying a handloom kilim rug. These carpets are typically made from wool and are designed with flatweave patterns that make them both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Also, they're handmade and provide an authentic handcrafted look to many different spaces. Outdoor rugs are the bestseller under the category.

Flat Weaves:

Flatweave kilims are an excellent choice for people who want their floor space without much visual interruption or those who want their floors to be easy on bare feet. Since it matches the beach theme and is lightweight, blue carpet is a customer favourite under the category because it is simple to switch out every few months for a fresh look.

Why buy kilim rugs from Jaipur Rugs Italy

Thanks to our 40 years in the rug manufacturing business, Jaipur Rugs offers distinctive designs and eye-catching patterns. Additionally, we provide carpets and rugs in various materials, including jute, silk, bamboo, and wool. We provide more than 10,000 patterns and a thousand different colour schemes. Also, if you want something personalised, we offer custom rugs. For our clientele, we also provide free delivery and hassle-free returns to make buying as easy as possible. Secure payment methods make it possible to shop online without stress. It only takes a few clicks to choose "ideal" kilim rugs online from Jaipur Rugs.



What is a kilim rug?

Kilim carpets are distinguished by their flat or plain weaving. Because flat weave rugs lack piles like other carpets do, they have a unique texture.

How durable are kilim rugs?

Kilim rugs are incredibly durable. They can live for ten years or more with the right upkeep and care.

How do you clean a kilim rug at home?

Particularly if you plan to use your kilim rugs as outdoor rugs, you should vacuum your kilim rugs frequently on a low power level to prevent dust buildup. Washable kilims are the norm. Clean up spills immediately with water and mild soap. Avoid using chemical cleaners since they can stain. Use cold or lukewarm water to remove spills or stains to prevent shrinkage and damage.


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