7 Tips: Your Guide to Buying the Right Runner

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7 Tips: Your Guide to Buying the Right Runner
Have you ever ended up with narrow,  long spaces that are empty and did not know how to decorate them? After all, every home is made of those small little details that make a bigger whole. This is when a runner rug comes to play. Long, rectangular rugs that are apt for hallways and entryways, areas with high foot traffic. These rugs not only make a big impact on a narrow space but also protect your floor. Besides, they are dirt-resistant, welcoming, and set the mood of your home right from the moment a guest steps in. Runner rugs have gained a lot of popularity worldwide and have been on trend for some time now. A rectangular runner rug is the go-to decor element for many interior designers when it comes to filling long narrow spaces as it helps give the illusion of elongating a particular space. 

However, is it still worth investing in? Let us discuss the pros of having a runner rug in your home:
Aesthetic appeal: First and foremost, a rectangular runner rug is an effortless way for you to add more edge to the decor in the empty spaces of your home. They add character, comfort, sense of direction, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  From boho-maximalist decor to sophisticated neutrals with geometric print, the possibilities are endless with a runner rug. So when you buy a runner rug online at Jaipur Rugs, make sure you browse through the designs that complement the existing decor theme in your house. 

Runner rugs make for the perfect option for high-traffic areas in your home as this is where your flooring is exposed to wear and tear. Having a durable rectangular runner rug in such areas, like the hallway or the stairway, will also help protect the floor from dirt, shedding, spills, etc., especially if you have wooden floors.

They give a sense of direction: Runner rugs are also often used to guide guests towards designated areas in your home, giving a sense of direction because a narrow and long hallway tricks us into thinking that there is a destination at the end. This is especially important in open-plan spaces and can make for a wonderful addition to adding that sense of direction in a tasteful and artistic manner. 

Tips for buying runner rugs:
If you are convinced that a rectangular rug will be a good addition to your home, these are 7 tips you should keep in mind when buying a runner rug online. 

1. Size
As with any rug for any space in your home, runner rugs also need to be of the perfect size for the space you want to place them on. While your runner rug should always match the shape of your hallway (or whichever long and narrow space you want to place it in), determining its length and width is crucial in making sure it looks good in the space. The standard runner rug size is between 2 and 3 feet wide and can range from 6 to 14 feet long. When measuring the space, make sure to leave 4 to 5 inches of flooring visible on all sides of your rectangular runner rug otherwise it will curl along the sides of the wall. 

2. Symmetry
If you have a relatively longer hallway, you will most likely have more space on either side and end of the rug, which should be okay as long as it is placed in the center. While runner rugs aren’t always considered as important a decor element as an area rug, there is no reason why you can’t find a great runner rug online that maintains and even enhances the visual symmetry of your home.

3 . Material
The material of runner rugs should be chosen wisely precisely because of the reason that they are meant for high foot traffic areas and exposed to a lot of dirt. While a flatweave jute or cotton rug would be good for a narrow space with less foot traffic in a house that has no kids or pets, a woolen rectangular rug is better suited for busy homes which entertain, has kids, and pets. Wool stretched 30% but still retains its natural form and is one of the most durable natural fibers out there when it comes to rugs. 

 4. Pick the best style
A grey runner in wool, designed with geometric patterns for your entryway or a shaggy runner for adding more comfort to the side of your bed- style and practicality go hand in hand when it comes to runner rugs. From traditional rug to modern rug and the in-between transitional rugs along with solid and natural-fiber rugs, they add a touch of luxury to space and with the right design and pattern. You can even layer your runner rugs by keeping the bigger one below a shorter one, playing with its visual appeal. 

5. The right color for your home
Like everything else in your home, runner rugs also need to be chosen when it comes to picking the right color. If chosen correctly, it can be a mirror of your home’s personality and help set the tone of the house instantly if placed in the hallway. From neutral palettes that soothe to saturated hues that make a statement, you can manipulate what your entryway conveys by choosing the right colored rug. 


6. Texture is important
Just like its wide variety of styles, runner rugs are also available in multiple shapes and forms. You can either opt for a shaggy runner if you are looking for comfort and glam over practicality or a grey runner in jute or wool if you wish it to last long and withstand wear and tear. Flat-woven runner rugs are very easy to maintain and an excellent choice for hallways.

7. Rug pad
When buying a runner rug online, add a rug pad to your cart, no matter which style you go for. Rug pads will help keep the rug in place, reducing the chances of tripping or slipping. They also provide further protection of the floor and ensure longevity for your runner rug. 
Now that we know all that you need to before buying a runner rug, you can go ahead and determine which spaces in your home are in need of one, and get shopping!


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