The pride of those who own it, the desire of those who don’t.

Silk is considered one of the finest material for a rug, famously associated with royalty. It is a natural protein fiber harvested from the cocoons of cultivated or wild silkworms.

It is used for intricate detailing since the fibers are even and thin, requiring great skill to weave and is most desirable for its aesthetic and legendary softness.

Lustre & Shine

Soft in Touch


Silk rugs are maintained as collectibles for their high value, and are recommended to be used more as décor, perhaps even as wall art, as it withers easily if kept in high traffic areas.

Why Choose Silk?

  • Silk rugs are often the softest you will find and have an elegant finish.
  • Relatively durable and can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Natural luster and shine in the finished rug.
  • Silk takes dye very well, which allows for beautiful color variation.

Other Considerations

  • Silk is a relatively expensive fiber.
  • Because it is less elastic than wool, footprints and furniture marks show easily.
  • Silk is not as stain resistant as other fibers, so care needs to be taken around the rug.
Jaipur rugs

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