When it comes to picking textured rugs, there is more to it than just picking a rug that has a fluffy surface. Different textures mean different things, and can tell you about the pricing, function, durability and maintenance of the rug.

The pile of a rug refers to the way the fibres are finished. These are either trimmed or untrimmed (or sometimes a combination of the two) to create an array of visual and textural effects on a rug.

Loop Pile

The loops of fiber that make up the rug are left uncut. The lengths of these may vary from design to design.

Cut and Loop Pile

A combination of cut and uncut loops are used to create distinctive textured designs.

Cut Pile

The loops of fiber are cut, creating a pile on the surface of the rug.


These rugs have interwoven rather than knotted or tufted fibers, so they have a flat finish instead of a pile.

Jaipur rugs

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