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Bamboo Silk/Viscose

Looks like silk. Feels like silk. But not as pricey!

Bamboo Silk is a blend of wood pulp and natural fibers extracted from the bamboo plant. It mimics the look and feel of silk and is considered its cost-effective substitute.

Viscose creates a visual effect on carpets as the tips of the fibers have a shine compared to its length. It also possesses anti-microbial properties, making the home a healthier place with a cost-effective rug.

Lustre & Shine

Soft in Touch

Anti microbial

Why Choose Bamboo Silk?

  • Adds lustre and shimmer to designs.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Easy to dye.

Other Considerations

  • Fibers may be easily flattened by heavy furniture.
  • Harder to clean than wool or cotton.
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