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Rugged, but still fit for your floor!

These rough and coarse plant fibers are becoming more and more popular as a banner for the eco-friendly.

Its colours are earthy, texture is rich and is a perfect choice for high traffic areas. The best place to use it is at the indoor-outdoor transition.



High Traffic Rugs

Minimum Shedding

Why choose Jute/Hemp?

  • Eco-friendly fiber.
  • Natural earthy textures & colors.
  • Best used outdoor or in transition areas.
  • Durable to last in high traffic areas.
  • Easy to clean.

Other Considerations

  • Coarse and rough texture.
  • Doesn’t hold color well compared to other fibers.
  • Not suited to damp environments because they absorb moisture.
  • Not very stain resistant and fade or darken in regular direct sunlight.
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