Flaunt Your Class With Artistic Weavers Rugs

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Artistic weavers rugs made by hand are a unique artifact for homes. It is made by skilled artisans who spend months on a loom weaving the rug one knot at a time. 

Typical artistic weavers area rugs can have upward of two million knots depending on its size and design intricacy. The artisans weaving it are trained over the years in a craft passed from one generation to the next.
Artistic weavers rugs in a living room, bedroom, foyer, or study are all but essential. There are other places in the home that you can decorate with artistic weavers area rugs like kitchens. 

If you look around for décor ideas for the kitchen, you will get plenty of stuff on the materials you should use for cabinets, floor, tiles, and other gadgets. But there is very little to guide on how to buy artisan carpets. We are here to help you through the deciding process.

For the 40,000 artisans associated with Jaipur Rugs, handmade rugs are a source of sustainable livelihood at their doorstep. 

These artisans can find dignified work in their villages, thereby solving the problem of migration. Each handmade rug brings with it the story of the artisan who has made it. 

The artisan imbues his blessings in the rug's yarns, making it a source of positivity and prosperity for both the buyer and the weaver.

Reasons for Choosing Handmade Rugs

Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike, even if the design is similar. So, what you are essentially bringing home is not just a home décor product, but an art piece that you can walk on. 

Of all kinds of rugs, the handmade ones, especially the hand-knotted rugs, are the most durable. Just like the art form, these rugs can be passed down through generations. Most handmade rugs end up as family heirlooms that are cherished by several generations. 

What Are The Different Types Of Handmade Rugs?

The world of handmade rugs is vast. To simplify things, one can put handmade rugs in four broad categories. 

  1. Hand-knotted
  2. Hand-tufted
  3. Flatweave
  4. Handloom 

These are the four types of handmade rugs that you can get for your home. At Jaipur Rugs, a wide range of designs from modern, traditional, contemporary to eclectic are available in handmade rugs.

How to Choose The Right Artistic Weavers Rugs?

Let's start with the basics first. Select the material and tentative color palette that you would like to give. 

For a wedding, house warming, rakhi, or Diwali – a hand-knotted rug in bright hues with intricate work can be a great choice. Given the durability of the hand-knotted rug, it will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life – pets, children, parties, renovations, new homes, and everything else in between. A rug in lively red, yellow, or green in contemporary design will fill color in a family's journey.
To be more specific with your selection, you can pick the area you would like to select the rug. 

A 'shag' or runner rug for the end of the bed in bright hues is a gift that everyone will welcome. 

A piece to go with the living room décor or a runner for the hallways and entrance for the right first impression is also a great idea. 

A rug like Thea, designed by Kavi, is inspired by the patterns created by a candle reflected on the glass. It can be the centerpiece of the couple's living room décor. Or an award-winning international rug like Asthana (also designed by Kavi) could find a place of pride in the newlywed's house.  

Choosing Artistic Weavers Rugs as Gifts

You can make your gift even more special and unique by experimenting with shapes. Round, oval or hexagonal, go wild with shapes! A differently shaped rug will be a conversation starter and a gift that will stand out from everything else. 

A perfect example of this is the rugs from Italian designer Matteo Cibic's collection Jaipur Wunderkammer, an eclectic, pop, and graphical depiction of Jaipur's historical city architecture and people. You can also opt for the royalty infusing Concoction collection by ace interior designer Shantanu Garg.

Suppose you are looking to bring real artistic imagination alive. In that case, the latest collection, Reminiscence, by interior designer Hiren Patel is a work of art that will make the owner proud.
An artistic weavers rug is an ideal expression of love you have for your loved ones. The craftsmanship and human emotions behind each one will help you make a forever-connection and bless the living spaces of people who matter to you. Select from a curated line-up at Jaipur Rugs – in contemporary to transitional designs and offer pieces of art to your friends and family. 

How to Decorate with Artistic Weavers Rugs?

The most effective solution to redecorating is knowing for sure what you want and what is optional. This way, you can phase out your process and squeeze in more than you imagined by going step by step. 

In any home décor project, the rug is the show's star; an essential tip from all prominent interior designers is always beginning with the rug. 

A rug is the centerpiece of any room, and it anchors the décor theme of the whole place. So, it is essential to select the rug first. This way, you will find it easier to easily pick out the remaining items on your list, as they will be built around the rug's color, design, and style. It is also a wise thing to invest in a rug that will last you a long time as it will face the most amount of wear from walking and the weight of the furniture. 

Keep in mind that the easiest way to reduce your redecoration cost not just now but for the long term is to choose a neutral couch and use the rug to add color and style to your space. Neutral colored furniture will sit well with most rugs, and you can refresh your room's look often by merely changing the rug. The shape and style of the furniture in your room will be a significant factor when deciding to redecorate. 

If you have bulky furniture and you want to add a sense of space to your room, make sure to place the furniture in such a way that two legs are on the rug and two are off it.  This way, the place will look roomy. A rug from the Lacuna collection with antique furniture is a match made in heaven. 

For modern and contemporary furniture pieces, rugs from Chaos Theory, Free Verse, Hidden, and Aakar are great choices. And if you want an instant conversation starter, something that stands out in the room, then try pieces from Jaipur Wunderkammer and Concoction collections for your redecoration project.


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