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Black rugs are a fantastic way to give your bedroom a sense of luxury. They evoke a sense of mystery and add a sleek, contemporary vibe to any space. Black carpets from Jaipur are ideal for a contemporary and chic aesthetic, making them a necessity for any fashionable bedroom. Any space can benefit from the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that natural rugs can bring. Our natural carpets at Jaipur are produced from organic materials like cotton, jute, and wool and come in a variety of designs and hues. They are perfect for making the bedroom feel warm and inviting. Finally, any bedroom can benefit from our collection of magnificent silk rugs. They are ideal for creating a luxurious and elegant ambiance while still being warm and welcoming.

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bedroom rugs

If you want to make your bedroom cosier, you just need a rug. When it comes to the bedroom, is a place where you want to spend quiet time and relax. A bedroom carpet is all you need to make your space look cosy and anchors the furniture so that your space looks nice and tidy.

Buy Handmade bedroom carpets online at Jaipur Rugs UAE

When it comes to buying bedroom carpet flooring, there are many options available in the market. But first, you must consider your room's existing decor style and theme. Because if you buy a carpet and it is not going well with the decor style, it can totally break the overall appearance of the space.

We at Jaipur Rugs UAE have multiple options to choose from. With over 10,000 designs and 1000+ colour schemes, you can easily change the appeal of your bedroom. Or still, if you want something distinctive? You can customize one from Jaipur Rugs to showcase your taste and personality. You can also book virtual assistance if you want to know more about the design and story.

Different types of bedroom rugs

Majorly there are two types of carpets and rugs available in the market. Hand-tufted and hand-loom because these types are cheap compared to hand-knotted rugs. However, they can be really durable and easy to clean.

Hand Tufted

As the name suggests, hand-tufted bedroom carpets are made by hand using a tufting gun. A worker first draws the outline of the design on the canvas and then diligently tufts on it. This process takes a week to produce a high-quality carpet for the bedroom floor.

Hand Loom

Like a modern piece of cloth is made, handloom bedroom carpets are weaved using modern machinery. A worker secures the wrap and allows the weft to be interwoven. If the carpet must be constructed with several colours, the colour of the yarn must be altered in the appropriate places to aid in the creation of the final design.

Different shapes of bedroom rugs

There are many shapes and designs of carpets for living room. If your room is smaller, then try considering round grey carpets to make the room look big. If you want to add a pop of colour, consider modern rugs. Rectangular office carpets and outdoor rugs are also the best options to buy.


Rectangular carpets Dubai are very popular and always in trend. Since ancient times, bedroom carpets have been weaved in a rectangular shape because it is easy to make and anchors the room.


An irregular bedroom carpet has the power to define a space and can add focal attention to a spot that might otherwise be boring, or it can simply blend in and "complete" the look.



What is the most popular carpet for a bedroom?

Modern bedroom carpets with soothing colours are the best for bedrooms.

What Colour carpet is best for bedrooms?

It totally depends on the colour scheme of your room. If you want to create a soothing appearance, try considering traditional rugs, or modern bedroom carpets are best for added flair.

How do I choose the best carpet for my bedroom?

A bedroom is a place where the foot traffic is not too much. So you can go with low-pile rugs.

How thick should a bedroom carpet be?

Generally, the foot traffic is less in the bedroom. So you can consider low-pile rugs.

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